How long will it take to clean a 2 bedroom condo?


Cleaning an apartment is not something that many people look forwards to. It may frequently take a long time and a lot of patience to get the work done correctly. However, with the appropriate ideas and tactics, you can quickly create a pristine living area, whether you are preparing for unexpected visitors or just for your own peace of mind.

What is the average time it takes to clean an apartment?

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Cleaning a studio for one person takes around 4 hours. The time it takes you to clean your apartment, on the other hand, is fully dependent on the number of duties you have, your cleaning pace, the equipment you use, and the size of your flat, and the cleaning process you choose.

When attempting to establish how long it takes to change a cluttered flat into a tidy area, numerous variables come into play. As you can undoubtedly guess, there are several things to consider.

Consider the Following Factors

In what kind of flat do you live in? – Consider the difference between a studio apartment and a Two bedroom condo with the same degree of clutter and cleaning obligations. Due to the huge difference in square footage, which immediately correlates to a greater surface area to clean, the condo owner will obviously take longer cleaning up than the one living in a studio unit.

• How many individuals do you share your home with? – The greater the cleaning work at hand, the more people that live in your flat. With an increase in the number of apartment inhabitants, problems build up faster, impacting how long it takes to clean the bathroom and dirty clothes.

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• Do you have pets? – Pets, particularly fuzzy animal pals, shed hair all over your residence, from your living sofa to your carpet, and require deep cleaning. Aside from shedding, there’s also litter box cleaning and picking up toys that your pet leaves lying about to think about. This automatically lengthens the cleaning procedure and the amount of time required.

• Do you have any children in the apartment? – Children, particularly small children, create massive messes in their wake, including food crumbs, soiled clothing, and toys. Furthermore, they need continual supervision, which will surely divert your focus away from cleaning. Having children, without a doubt, slows down the whole house cleaning procedure.

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• Is the apartment cluttered? — Consider two apartments. One is owned by a hoarder who has gathered a large number of possessions, while the other is owned by someone who often disposes of stuff as soon as they begin to pile up. Because the clutter in the flat is manageable, the latter will have an easy time cleaning up. The hoarder, on the other hand, will take much longer to clean up since they have many more items to move.

• How many persons do the cleaning? – Cleaning on your own will undoubtedly take longer than cleaning with the assistance of a roommate or a cleaning service.

Damages vs. Wear and Tear

Renting a living place has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Most of the time, you’ll be moving into a property that has already shown signs of wear and tear from past renters, and there’s little you can do about it.

As a renter, you should be aware of when your landlord is being fair to you if you intend to leave in the near future. You may be charged for damages for which you are not liable.

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Some components of the house, like any other, would deteriorate with time. Floorboards, for example, might seem uninteresting, particularly if trod on a regular basis.

Other symptoms of wear and tear are as follows:

Cracking, peeling, fading paint Faded wallpaper Faded carpet Loose grout in between tiles Bathroom fixtures that seem worn, such as the enamel in toilets and sinks Mild clogging of sinks owing to aged water pipes

When anything purposeful is done to modify or degrade the value of the property, this is already deemed “damage,” and the landlord is required to seek extra costs from the renter.

When renting a place, avoid the following:

  • Changing the wallpaper without permission Burns
  • Stains on the carpet Chipped or broken sinks and baths
  • Broken windows Unhinged doors Clogged sinks and toilets owing to poor cleanliness and usage

Additional fees while moving to a new house may be avoided simply by being informed.

Why Do You Need End of Lease Cleaning?

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If you need to move out and the home you are presently living in is being leased to you, you must tidy it up before turning over the keys to the landlord.

The property must seem as though it has never been lived in before in order to be ready for the next renter. Once your landlord is happy with the way the apartment was cleaned, he or she will return your security deposit.

What if I don’t go through with it?

Your landlord will almost certainly deduct a portion of your security bond. This is also an excellent time to review the contract or formal agreement you have with your landlord. If you need a thorough clean or end of lease cleaning before you move out, you will need to hire professional cleaners.

Here are some more reasons why hiring professional cleaners is a good investment:

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• You don’t have to be concerned about it since you’ll be thinking about moving into a new location. You now have more time to consider other crucial aspects of this life shift.

• Attempting to do it yourself may end up costing you money. Purchasing cleaning gear and products that professional cleaners already have will be a waste of money.

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• The ease of not having to worry about such a little aspect of your moving experience is reason enough to employ expert cleaners.

When Should I Schedule an End of Lease Cleaning?

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Typically, this is stated in your contract, so check to see what that deadline is so you can quickly schedule cleaners. However, if you have to depart the home unexpectedly, it is a prudent option to keep the location in order for your landlord to inspect it.

Typical End of Lease Cleaning Timeline

The length of time it takes to terminate a lease depends on how large and unclean the property is.

End of lease cleanings often span two to eight hours, with two to three cleaners doing various cleaning duties at the same time.

What Is Involved in an End of Lease Clean?

This sort of cleaning task needs special care and attention from the cleaners. End of lease cleaning often includes the following tasks:

  • Walls are wiped clean; windows are wiped clean, both inside and out
  • Cupboards are clean, both inside and out
  • Floors are vacuumed and mopped clean
  • Window tracks are also cleaned
  • The kitchen, laundry room, and bathrooms are cleaned
  • Surfaces are wiped down and any marks or stains are removed
  • Curtains and blinds are cleaned;
  • The oven is cleaned.

Other cleaning services that you may wish to hire a cleaner for include:

  • Cleaning the dishwasher
  • Cleaning the pool
  • Steam cleaning the carpets
  • Cleaning the upholstery (mattresses, couches, and such)

How much will it set you back?


For a two-bedroom apartment, an end of lease cleaning will normally cost between $250 and $350. Prices are completely determined by the size of your home, its condition, the number of cleaners required, and the time it will take them to complete the work.

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When you contact a professional cleaning services, be sure to provide the following information so that you may get a somewhat accurate quote:

  • The number of bedrooms
  • The number of bathrooms
  • •Any cleaning you’ve done (if any)
  • Your suburb or area
  • Any additional cleaning jobs you’d like to have done
  • If this is an urgent cleaning job or not
  • f the cleaning will take place during the week or on the weekend

Mentioning them will undoubtedly offer you a good indication of how much you’ll have to pay for an end-of-lease clean.

What Doesn’t an End of Lease Cleaning Service Include?

Molds – Molds leave an unattractive mark on walls, and though they may be cleaned, you may need to engage a professional to remove the source of the issue. Mold stains will reappear no matter how hard someone tries to clear them.

Discoloration– We employ professional-grade cleaning techniques and supplies, but certain things in the property have been discolored with time, and no amount of bleach will restore them to their former brilliance.

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Danger zones – If we believe that a certain area of the property may pose a significant danger to us, we will normally avoid it. For example, if a socket is damaged or open, the adjacent area will not be cleaned. Biohazardous waste handling is often not on any cleaner’s to-do list.

While attempting to clean up your property before moving out may seem laudable, leave the work to the pros.

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