Taking Care of Butter and Other Greasy Stains on The Carpet – A Guide for You


Stains on the carpet are something that no one tolerates. When the stain is on a carpet of light shades of different colors or even a white-colored one then there are high chances of you calling the carpet cleaning service as early as possible. 

Greasy or butter stains are quite difficult to remove from carpet stains because of their sticky nature. Instead of waiting for the professional cleaning service to arrive and take care of that stain, you can get on work to remove the buttery or greasy stain from the carpet before they get adhered onto the carpet fibers. 

Here are some of the DIY processes to remove the carpet stain from your carpet. 

Use Baking Soda 

Baking soda has many benefits in the list of household remedies. It is a versatile product and can help you with the removal of moisture content and also the oil compounds from your carpet. When applied, it will absorb the oil particles that are present on the carpet fur and will reduce the chances of the stains damaging the carpet layer. 

Blot Up the Layer 

With the help of a hand wipe or tissue, you can easily blot the moisture content that is present on the carpet layer because of the staining. Follow the process till you completely remove the moisture content from the carpet fur. 

Apply Cornmeal 

Cornmeal is considered the best absorbent when it comes to carpet cleaning. Apply as much cornmeal as possible on the stained area on your carpet. 

Scrape It Off with Blunt Knife 


With the help of a dull knife, you can completely remove the dried cornmeal by scraping it off gently from the fur of the carpet. It will not cause any damage to the carpet fibers. 


Follow the pretreat procedure and pre wash the stain with the right liquids. You can take the help of the large or small brushes to evenly spread the pretreat liquids on the stain accordingly. Make sure to evenly spread the pretreat liquid, so that the oil stains will get proper and even soaking. 

Dry Spotter Application 

A dry spotter is prepared with 8 parts of dry-cleaning solvent with a part of coconut oil. Now apply the mixture evenly to the stained area and let it soak for a few minutes. 

Let it Rest 

Let the solution rest for some minutes so that it can completely absorb the stain on the carpet fur. You can then go with the idea of vacuum cleaning or squeeze drying the stained portion with the help of hand wipes or tissues. 

The mixture of dish soap and vinegar will also work its charm just the way the baking soda or the cornmeal works on the stained area. Follow the same procedures as mentioned above to remove the unwanted grease or butter stain from the carpets. 

If the stain is found on upholstery, then you cannot just dab dry the area, but have to make use of the cornstarch to remove the stains from it. You can even make use of the dry-cleaning solvent to get the work done systematically. 

Another process of removing stains or greasy substance from the carpet surface is with the help of alcohol. However, remember that alcohol is highly flammable and you need to be extra careful while using it on carpets that are made of some particular materials that are also highly flammable. Even a little bit of vigorous rubbing of alcohol on the flammable material can become dangerous. 

Stains are normally caused when there is frequent traffic of pets or children on the carpet area. Hence, make sure to train your children to sit and eat their food on the dining table, rather than on the carpet floor. 

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