Remove the Clog from the Toilet Bowl without a Plunger — 6 Effective DIY Solutions


Undoubtedly, when it comes to resolving critical plumbing issues, it becomes difficult to handle the situation without having the right tools. In certain circumstances, the homeowners consider hiring an experienced plumber to overcome the potential challenges. But, it’s important to mention that there are a few plumbing unit-related issues that can be resolved using DIY approaches, and a clogged toilet is one of them.

After browsing through the internet, you might have found that, without the implementation of a plunger, it’s impossible to de-clog a toilet bowl. Let us clarify that, it’s completely a misconception that is believed by many household owners. In reality, there are hefty other remedies that can help you to eliminate the clogged items from the toilet bowl.

Though some of the toilet unclogging solutions might take an hour or two to become effective, that’s the best thing you can do when there’s no plunger. Sometimes, using excessive pressure in the plunger while removing a toilet clog can cause severe damage.

Moreover, when it comes to extracting the comparatively large clogged materials, a plunger won’t be useful. In certain instances, you have to apply an alternative method to fix this plumbing problem.

Want to know which home remedies can be useful in unclogging the toilet bowl? Here, we are compiling 6 effective solutions that can easily dislodge the clog from the toilet bowl:

1.  Start with Adding Hot Water

Did you somehow break the toilet flange plumber and now thinking what else can be used to unclog the toilet? Just take a large bucket and fill it with warm water for breaking down the materials that have clogged the toilet bowl. The excessive water force can easily dislodge non-dissolvable items. But make sure you haven’t poured boiling water inside this bathroom unit, as it can damage the porcelain bowl.

And, do you know boiled water is also a potential reason behind the severe pipe leakages? So before proceeding to the de-clogging part, make sure you have consulted with an expert. For that, the homeowner needs to undergo a “plumber near me” search for choosing a renowned plumber. Get an instant recovery solution by joining hands with the professionals.

2.  Epsom Salt will Do the Magic

Do you use Epsom Salt for reducing body pain or for other health issues? Then, you should definitely consider using it for instant toilet unclogging. Usually, Epsom salt creates a fizzy reaction when it dissolves in water which helps in the clog elimination process. But make sure, there is an adequate amount of Epsom salt in the house before initiating the unclogging procedure. You have to pour several cups of salt into the bowl and wait at least an hour for the to work trick.

If you currently don’t have Epsom Salt, consider using a bath bomb instead. As these sorts of products contain natural ingredients such as baking soda or sodium bicarbonate, hence can dislodge the clogging problem easily. You can also clean the clogs from the sink, drain, and cleaning the toilet pipe using bath bombs.

3.  Dish Soap or Dishwashing Liquid can Break Down the Clog

Sometimes, just pouring warm water might not help eliminate the components stuck inside the toilet bowl. In certain circumstances, you need to mix dish soap or dishwashing liquid with warm water. Moreover, these sorts of liquid substances are ideal for breaking down the accumulated grease, dirt, or grime. But adding a few drops of dishwashing liquid is not enough to get rid of this plumbing issue. Take almost one or a half cup of dish detergent and pour that into the toilet bowl.

Based on the clog, the overall de-clogging time might differ. It can take approximately half an hour to fix the problem using this plumbing hack in some instances. And sometimes, you might have to wait for a day to let this natural solution work properly.

Don’t have a dishwashing liquid in the kitchen? Then, shampoo can be the best substitute which also provides effective results when it comes to cleaning the clog. You can also consider cutting a bar of hand soap into small pieces and drop that inside the bowl. But, it’s highly recommended to use these alternative solutions only if you don’t have an adequate amount of dish soap.

4.  Consider Adding Baking Soda with Vinegar; that’s the Best Natural cleaning Remedy!

Undeniably, baking soda and vinegar are widely used by homeowners to bring back the pristine condition of the plumbing units. But do you know when the baking soda mixes up with vinegar, it creates a fizzy reaction which helps to eliminate the toilet clog? Do you want to know the amount of baking soda and vinegar requires in this unclogging method? One cup of baking soda and two cups of vinegar is enough to dissipate the toilet clog.

Make sure, you haven’t washed away this solution before an hour, or else you might have to apply this clog removal method again. But, if there was not a good result in the first attempt, consider using the same amount of baking soda and vinegar solution again. Keep this cleaning mixture for a day to overcome these toilet-bowl-related issues effectively.

5.  Take a Toilet Auger for Removing the Clog

When it comes to removing toilet clogs, the majority of the top-rated plumbers use augers for an effective dislodging operation. Moreover, the professionals prefer a toilet auger over a standard toilet plunger, as it takes less time and effort for unclogging the toilet bowl. This bathroom accessory is highly available in retail shops, and it looks like a standard drain snake. And, when it comes to flexibility and protecting the porcelain of the toilet bowl, an auger is always better compared to a drain snake.

While using the toilet auger, make sure you have placed it properly inside the bowl to displace the clog. It’s easy to use and helps the homeowners to perfectly adjust the equipment without damaging the toilet bowl. And, if the toilet bowl often gets clogged with contamination, you should always consider using a toilet auger. But, if you don’t have an auger, don’t consider buying it, instead hire a professional for performing the toilet unclogging job.

6.  Use a Toilet Brush; It will Definitely Work!

If you don’t have an auger of wire hangers in the house, then simply use this cleaning want to remove the clog from the toilet drain. You have to repeatedly move the toilet brush back and forth to make the drain hole clog-free. But, don’t exert too much pressure on this bathroom accessory; you might end up damaging the toilet bowl. Don’t forget to take necessary safety precautions before starting this toilet unclogging method.

Are there Any Other Solutions that can Unclog the Toilet Bowl without a Plunger?

A few more convenient unclogging tools can help homeowners fix a clogged toilet without causing any damage. Just consider using a plastic bottle and pour the water inside the bowl with excessive pressure to effective cleaning of clog. A squirt gun drainer, vacuum cleaning, and drain cleaners can also eliminate the toilet clog.

But sometimes, you might not achieve satisfactory results using DIY hacks, so simply contact a plumber. Preventing unwanted blockages has become possible with the help of skilled professionals. 

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