How do you Clean a Disgusting BBQ?

BBQ cleaner

Clean the BBQ grill’s grates directly after each usage with a metal scraper after they cool off. At that point, the grease is already loose and can easily come off. However, if you’ve got years of buildup, you’ll definitely need a more time-consuming strategy, and BBQ cleaning can become a daunting task for BBQ Cleaner.

1. Allow for full cooling of the grate.

2. Spray it with oven cleaner and leave it overnight.

3. Giving the grate a thorough clean the next day with the scraper and a garden hose.

4. To avoid corrosion, completely dry the grate.

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Cleaning the inside of the barbeque

1. Remove all of the fixtures from your barbeque, including the grates. Schedule something on a nice day so that the sun will help dry your grill when you’re done.

2. Clean the burnt-on food particles on the interior of the grill with thick, soapy water and a strong grill brush. Make sure to bbq cleaning the grill grates as well as the propane grills that cover the gas vents.

3. Thoroughly rinse all surfaces, and dry them with old newspapers or towels.

BBQ cleaner

4. For propane grills, dislodge grime from the nozzles with the end of a paperclip. Look for signs of corrosion on the gas pipes. Apply a thin coat of warm soapy water to the lines and search for air bubbles, which show gaps in the lines. Test the propane tank’s expiration date as well.

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BBQ Cleaning the Exterior of the Grill

Rust spots will appear on grills that are left exposed all year and requires a deep clean.

Stainless steel grills: Clean stainless steel grills with soft microfibre cloth with hot soapy water. Since stainless steel does not rust, any stains you find are more likely particles of some material that can be removed with gentle scrubbing especially cooking oil, and then wiped with a paper towel will leave it sparkling.

Enameled or painted grills: Wash the surface of your grill with plain, soapy water and a soft-bristled brush, then scrub thoroughly. Lightly sand and prime rust patches before painting them with a high-temperature-resistant color.

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How Much Should Your Grill Be Cleaned?

Scrape the filthy grill grates any time you finish using it, and then again after preheating it but before inserting your food items. When you use a wire brush, make sure the bristles don’t fall off and get caught in the food.

BBQ cleaner

Clean the grill properly at the start of the grilling season and again at the end. Over the winter, animals and insects tend to hang out in grills, so make sure their droppings are cleaned properly before you start cooking.

Cleaning Equipment for Grills

There are hundreds of bbq cleaning equipment and devices available online or at the nearest hardware shop, but nothing beats a long-handled wire brush, wire bottle brush, five-gallon container, and some elbow grease.

Toxic chemicals can not be used to scrub your grill because they will give your barbeque an off-flavor. Hot water, a grease-cutting dish bbq cleaner (such as Dawn), and a poultice consisting of white vinegar and baking soda are what you’ll need instead.

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A decent stainless steel bbq cleaner gives a little more polish to your grill’s exterior surfaces if it has stainless steel exterior surfaces. A pair of long-cuffed rubber gloves, a few disposable scouring sponges, and many cotton rags are also needed.

BBQ cleaner

Wait for an overcast day to clean stainless steel; the hot sun will find it challenging to clear streaks from stainless steel surfaces. It’s much more fun to function in the colder months.

You should do bbq cleaning your grill with standard white vinegar, which has a pH of about 5% acidity, but for extra grease-cutting strength, use cleaning vinegar with a pH of 45 percent acidity.

It Should Be Burned

Start bbq cleaning a gas grill by turning it on, closing the hood, and allowing it to reach maximum temperature. Enable at least 30 minutes for some stuck-on food or grease to singe due to the high temperature.

Scrub all of the carbon from the grates from the dirty grill with a wire brush dipped in a bucket of wet, soapy water. Then detach and empty the propane tank after shutting off the power. Allow the grill to cool fully before using.

Dump the old charcoal briquettes into a metal tub for charcoal grills. And, using a putty knife, hack away any caked-on charcoal dust and dirt.

BBQ cleaner

It Should Be Soaked

Remove all of the grates from the grill until it has cooled and submerge them fully in a tub of wet, soapy water. Enable at least 30 minutes for them to soak.

Remove all such things that can be readily separated from the barbeque, such as burner regulation knobs, warming racks, and grease trays. Most gas grill burner tubes are often removable; look for a single screw or cotter pin on one end of each tube.

BBQ Cleaning would be even smoother when you’ve broken it down like this.

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Make use of a vacuum.

The interior of the firebox is exposed and able to be washed now that the grill grates and should be stripped. To collect the soapy water and flushed away garbage, place an empty bucket under the firebox, immediately below the grease tray opening. Scrape some caked-on gunk from inside the firebox with a rubber putty knife.

You shouldn’t feel guilty for using a wet/dry vac to vacuum up the gunk that’s accumulated in your grill since they’re all workshop products. Rinse the firebox with a garden hose until it’s dried.

BBQ cleaner

All can be scrubbed

Take out the grates and panels once they’ve soaked and wiped them with the oven cleaning solution. Make a paste with white vinegar and baking soda and add it straight to caked-on food pieces for very stubborn gunk.

To prevent rusting, carefully rinse all surfaces and dry cast-iron grates. Even, now is a good time to look for chips in the porcelain grates, which may contribute to rust.

Scrub cooking grates clean of baked-on food debris with a large sheet of aluminum foil crumpled into a ball.

BBQ cleaner

Check for rust or something covering the row of flame-emitting holes on your burners. If your grill remains untouched for an extended amount of time, spiders can lay eggs in the burner channels. Brush over the row of holes with a wire brush in a back-and-forth motion. After that, clean the interior of each tube with a wire bottle brush.

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Wipe it off

Fill the bucket of clean water and a couple of squirts of dish soap after emptying the polluted water. Using a big kitchen sponge, clean the whole outside of the barbeque with this bbq cleaner. Stop scratching finished surfaces with steel yarn, wire sponges, and gritty scouring pads. Using ultra-absorbent microfiber towels, wipe off and dry all surfaces after wiping the exterior of the barbeque.

BBQ cleaner


Stainless steel bbq cleaner is perfect for scraping heavy buildup or baked-on gunk, but it shouldn’t be used for heavy buildup or baked-on gunk. Spray the bbq cleaner over, then wash it up with a clean, dry cloth after a few minutes. If you don’t have some stainless steel bbq cleaner, you should disinfect stainless steel surfaces with undiluted white vinegar.

Reassemble all of the pieces you removed until the grill is clean and fully dry, making sure to protect the burner tubes with cotter pins or screws. Even, spray a thin coat of vegetable oil onto cast-iron grill grates.

Finally, reconnect the propane tank, close the hood, and light the grill; barbeque for at least 15 minutes before shutting it off. This first firing would help burn off any cleaning debris, season the cast-iron grates, and ensure that it is fully reassembled. You can always hire a BBq cleaning in Sydney and Newcastle at affordable rates and short notice bookings.

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