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Vacate Cleaning Cost
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1 Bedroom + 1 Bathroom
Start from
2 Bedrooms + 1 Bathroom
Start from
3 Bedrooms + 1 Bathroom
Start from
4 Bedrooms + 1 Bathroom
Start from
$ 250$ 200$ 240$ 280$ 320
include Carpet
Start from
include Carpet
Start from
include Carpet
Start from
include Carpet
Start from
include Carpet
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$ 310$ 280$ 355$ 430$ 505
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Our Vacate Cleaning Services Includes

We speak to forefront advancement, with eco-accommodating vacate Cleaners (eco-accommodating) and thorough ability. The vacate Cleaning Perth guarantees the most satisfying post-rent property condition by real estate agents. Our expert End of lease cleaning in Perth speaks to cutting edge advancement, awesome vacate cleaners (eco-accommodating) and thorough skill.

Bed room, Living room and All commom areas

Light clean up
Spider web evacuation
Void Bins
Residue & Wipe all surfaces
Wipe/Clean entryways
Clean light switches and door handles
Wipe evading sheets and window ledges
Vacuum/Wipe unmistakable window tracks
Vacuum/Mop all floors
Residue/Clean mirrors
Wipe blinds
Wardrobe floors vacuumed/cleaned
Holder racks/poles cleaned
Clean lobbies, staircases
Light spot clean dividers


Clean stovetop
Clean range hood (outside) and underside
Clean fumes fans/channels
Clean/Wipe all surfaces
Clean sprinkle back
Ice chest loops and vents vacuumed (behind ice chest)
Clean & Polish tapware
Scrub & Clean sink
Clean inside/outside microwave
Clear organizers all around
Clean cabinet handles
Clear organizers all around
Clean treated steel surfaces
Mop floors


Clean all surfaces
Scrub/Clean shower
Scrub/Disinfect latrine
Scrub/Clean shower
Scrub/Clean sinks
Scrub divider tiles/grout
Clean outside of cupboards and drawers
Clean mirrors
Clean & Polish tapware and chrome
Mop all floors
Void containers
Clean roof exhaust fans


Clean all residue/build up
Clean build up from exhaust fan (roof)
Clean tile floors
Clean sink and tubs
Clean dust from evading sheets
Clean light fittings where available
Clean all entryway and window outlines
Clean interior pantries
Clean Exterior pantries
Cleaning Dryer channel


Expelling Cobwebs
Cleaning shelves

Washroom & Cupboards

Purify and Clean all racks
Cleaning Spot signs of the dividers
Clean all drawers
Purify and Clean all entryways/handles

Outside Window

Screen cleaning
Sliding glass entryway
Ledges and tracks

Cooler / Freezer

External body cleaning
Internal body cleaning
Pipe cleaning


Sliding entryway/glasses
Expelling spider webs Dusting dividers lights
Clear and mop

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Vacuuming with power pivoting head
Evacuating stain marks
Prespray (Eco-Friendly)
Steam cleaning (Hot water augmentation)

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Vacate Cleaning Process

Besides these things, our Dirt2Tidy vacate cleaning company Perth shows consistency in our work and ensures that we provide services according to your expectations whenever a lease cleaning task or bond back cleaning task or any other cleaning task  is at our hand. Dirt2tidy  end of lease cleaning Perth will also help you plan for activities and special occasions. After each of these cleanings, your cleaners in Perth will leave your homes just as it’s new — speck and span, and just what you need to show your guests and make our company proud.  For Spring cleaning, Dirt2Tidy Perth will be able to provide services that come with seasonal change. These things are usually done twice a year, and a general cleaning assignment will help your office or home look better and run smoother afterwards.

Your actions in investigating and selecting the perfect vacate Cleaning business Perth would all pay off with the type of our lease cleaners you employ. So if you’re looking for a company that will provide you with only the best bond cleaning service or office cleaning services and one that can understand how important timeliness is, we have some recognition for our excellent end of lease cleaning services in Perth and we know how to handle customers from all sorts of backgrounds and businesses.
Book with our lease cleaning business Perth and enjoy it.

To relax and be happy, we will move above it.

1. It takes seconds to get a final quote when an Online reservation can be made in 2 minutes!
2. Get an estimate and book your clean online in minutes. All you have to do is give us some house details and pick the time to send our cleaning team.
3. We Offer you a 24-hour alert to make sure you have a reschedule!
4. Dirt2Tidy’s end of lease cleaning professionals are exceptionally trained in equipped vacate cleaning methods . Friendly, skilled, PCC tested staff we appoint two or three Perth cleaning professionals from our outstanding vacate cleaning staff for a smoother, more effective end of lease cleaning job. Your scheduling information and assigned cleaners will be sent to you after the booking process is complete.
5. While our lease cleaning team works hard, make sure your house is in safe hands! Dirt2tidy professional bond cleaning Perth control of your cleaning. We use high-quality cleaning equipment and eco-friendly items for healthy, comprehensive and efficient vacate cleaning.
6. PAY or RATE The clean in one simple step by delivering a quick online payment system and review for cleaning workers in Perth , we aim to make it simple and comfortable for our clients. All in one, streamlined move! We recognize everyone’s special condition, and our versatile lease cleaning team will meet vacate cleaning requirements. Customers value Dirt2Tidy’s customized vacate cleaning Perth offers, but there are several additional advantages. 

How Dirt2Tidy Works

How it works


Select your service with a date and time you like for your professional to arrive.

Dirt2tidy fits your schedule. Simply pick the time and date for your service and we’ll wrap up! Save time.


Confirm your booking online

Dirt2tidy’s simple on-request booking platform means we can give you a forthright cost and confirm your service quickly online.


Get the job done!

Any more missed End of lease cleaning arrangements or Calling your lease cleaner thinking about they’ll appear. All the professionals in Dirt2tidy have been experienced the screening process so you can trust them to work admirably.

End of Lease Cleaning Bond Money

Dirt2Tidy are technologically and intellectually progressing, but this progress has its own price. Our lives seem to be increasingly hectic every day. To look for relaxation it is very difficult to escape from a busy program. It is definitely a fun activity to clean your home alone for days. There are days when it seems to be a Hercules to clean a single dish. One may depend on organizations that promote housekeeping for these more tiring days.
Several homemakers have been established, providing the lease cleaning service of a whole house. The washing of the floor area as well as the dishes in the sink is not always harder. If it sounds sweet enough prepare yourself for more delicacies. The laundry is also done by those cleaning companies. The vacate cleaning services of such companies can also be accessed online.

DirT2Tidy end of lease cleaning charges a decent amount that depends mostly on the cleaning area of the house or Office in Perth. Through lowering or incorporating any assistance, consumers may even configure our operation according to their needs. Nonetheless, it appears to be too perfect to be reality, few measures can be taken by customers when employing a professional Lease cleaners.

The people responsible for maintaining a household need to better grasp the consumer’s desires. This means that the employee should understand the customer’s needs . When employing an end of lease cleaning service, you ought to know if the responsible party knows the requirement as the customer before the scheduled bond cleaning date.

Enhanced productivity
It takes a lot of time to clean up. You have a lot of flexibility to concentrate on certain facets of your market when you employ a lease cleaning service. You should rely on attracting clients, for starters. This improves your company’s efficiency and production.

Courtesy and service efficiency

Although a full-time bond cleaners may be employed, the majority of complete cleaners are uncomfortable and expensive. For example, if the lease cleaner is sick, it would not clean the office. You will also have other incentives, including dental care and vacation coverage, as well as compensation for the cleaner ‘s wages. On your side, this could be costly. The Dirt2Tidy lease cleaners Perth have a huge amount of workers they are sure to tidy up your workplace. There must be no further benefits for the cleaners as well. You ‘re saving a ton of dollars.

Subconscious Harmony

As you are working with a professional end of lease cleaning Perth business, you can rest assured that the work will be accomplished without your oversight.

Cleanliness of high standards
Dirt2Tidy firms are well qualified vacate cleaners and not only do you clean your workplace, but also skilled cleaners. The firms also have machines that give a magnificent look to your office. Dirt2Tidy vacate cleaning only uses products and chemicals that are certified. This helps your office to operate clean and secure. The smoothness of your workplace gives you an excellent impression that allows your company to expand.

Corporate employee
You’ve ever worked in a dirty area? You probably don’t want to work, right? Professional vacate cleaning maintenance contractors from Dirt2Tidy Perth will sweep up the business space properly so that the workers can operate efficiently, so they can improve their spiritual working. This boosts the company’s profitability.

How to employ a cleaner
Although you can hire a number of bond cleaning Perth companies, they are not all ideal for you. You should carry out background checks about the vacate cleaning company you wish to hire before signing a contract with any company. You should investigate how the company functions and the quality of its services.

Why You Should Choose Dirt2Tidy?

With the Dirt2Tidy Professional lease cleaner, you get rid of all the dirty areas, grass, soil and oil quickly, get the bond money back and go to the next property without fear. Your property might therefore be sold at a far better and fairer profit. Once again, the entire property will look like a brand new home with extensive cleaning. On your premises we will provide you with the most relevant lease cleaning material. We just need information on the house, including the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Let us keep the rest on hand.

The relocation process can be difficult when you are ready to leave your rented home and move elsewhere. You have to pack, clean, and do some vacate cleaning. Today, most landlords have to complete the lease cleaning before they hand the keys to the house.

It is better to hire a vacate professional to clean the house to save a lot of work and to have some peace of mind. You’ll have a lot to deal with when you get to your new location. The recruitment of a vacate cleaning professional makes the move easier and removes the trouble.

Therefore, you have to take certain considerations to choose the right end of lease cleaning service. It is not a difficult task to find, because Dirt2Tidy exit cleaning firms can accommodate all small, large and medium-sized cleaning requirements.


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