Why does my Bissell vacuum make a loud noise?

Vacuum cleaners are often noisy devices, but you can always tell when one is generating too much noise. Before you discard the machine, attempt to locate the cause of the noise. Shut off the machine to determine whether the noise was produced by something big in the hose. Also, consider using other brush attachments, as a brush attachment with damaged bearings will make a lot of noise. If these troubleshooting procedures don’t work, the engine may need to be serviced.

1st step

Remove the machine’s filter and bag to ensure they are not blocked or full of junk. Replace the bag or clean any filters according to your model’s recommendations. The engine will be noisy if there is a lot of junk in it.

2nd Step

Inspect the vacuum’s hose for any big particles that may be blocking the tube’s inside. A loud noise in the engine can be caused by large volumes of dust, as well as stones or other hard things that bounce.

3rd step

Remove the casing that hides your machine’s engine and check the fan for damage or blockage. Remove any dirt or debris that may be obstructing the fan’s movement. Check for any damage to the fan, such as bent or too sharp blades. Replace the fan blades as needed, and if the fan is broken, contact the vacuum maker. Instructions will be sent with the new item.

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4th step

If the fan is loose on the assembly, tighten it with a ratchet. As the motor cranks, a loose fan makes a rattling sound.

5th step

Clean the engine’s frame of dirt and grime. Large amounts of dirt or dust in the vicinity of the motor might cause it to overheat, resulting in vibration and loud noise.

6th step

Examine the engine for corrosion. The engine must be changed if it is rusted.

7th step

If you notice a grinding noise coming from the vacuum, grease the engine bearings. Greasing is frequently done through engine ports or by removing the bearings. The actual greasing process, on the other hand, is model-specific. For this servicing, see your owner’s handbook or send the vacuum to a service expert.

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8th step

Examine the vacuum cleaners inside for any other worn or damaged parts. Loud sounds can be made by worn or damaged parts. Remove the broken part and contact the vacuum maker for replacement materials, or bring the unit in for servicing.


My CrossWave® Cordless Max has a Loud Noise | Support

• The brush will spin when you recline; this is typical.

• When the filthy tank is full, the float within activates, changing the motor pitch.

• This noise is typical, and you should empty the filthy water tank.

• Rinse and manually move the float up and down while emptying the dirty water tank to ensure it moves freely.

• Also, make sure the filter is completely inserted (reinstall it)

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• Check to verify sure the front nozzle and brush roll are correctly positioned on the foot with the machine switched off and unplugged.

• Check for smooth action by spinning the brush roll by hand.

• Please call BISSELL Consumer Care if the noise is excessively loud or unusual.

• With both the brush and vacuum motors turned on, the CrossWave may produce up to 80 decibels.

The following suggestions may be useful in resolving the difficulties

• You could be adjusting your height incorrectly. Adjust the height to the desired level.

• The suction aperture should not have a hose attached to it. Grasp the hose wand and firmly insert it into the base of the hose wand.

• Look for any cracks or holes in the hose.

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• A faulty Brush Roll might potentially be the source of the issue. Make sure your vacuum is switched off and unplugged before attempting to repair it.

• Turn the vacuum over so the Brush Roll is facing up and lay it flat.

• Remove the 6 screws that hold the Brush Roll Access plate in place using a Phillips-head screwdriver. Remove the dish from the oven.

• Grasp both ends of the brush and pull it straight out after it’s been removed.

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• Remove any debris that may have accumulated on the Brush Roll. Spin the Brush Roll by putting it on its end. It should spin easily and repeatedly with a single flick. It must be replaced if it does not.

• Now is an excellent moment to look over the Belt. If you see a lot of wear or cuts, it’s time to replace it.

• Loop the belt over the motor shaft and the Brush Roll to replace the clean Brush Roll and Belt. Pull the Brush Roll forwards into position after aligning the end caps. The belt gets stretched as a result of this.

• Replace the bottom cover and reinstall the six screws immediately.

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• Even if it spins easily, the Brush Roll and Belt should be inspected for damage. Remove any debris from both. Reassemble the vacuum if both are in good condition.

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