Speed Cleaning | How to Get a Neat & Tidy House in Minutes a Day?

It may seem like an impossible task to keep your home tidy — but it doesn’t have to be. We are putting together some of the best tips to keep your house clean every day during the week. It may seem like an impossible task to keep your home tidy – but it doesn’t have to be. We are gathering some of the best tips to keep your house clean every day of the week.

A person spends an average of one hour a day cleaning his home. Between work, business, parenthood and everyday chaos, it can be one of the hardest lessons to learn how to keep a home clean. 

Although it appears sometimes impossible to manage everything on your plate, there are quick and easy tips to help you get your home (and life) right. Read all you need to know about keeping a house clean.

Tip # 1: Put it all off after use. (Speed Cleaning Tips)

This may seem like an obvious tip, but the main fault of impudence is not to put away your possessions. As you move from room to room, make a quick scan to see if you can take anything with you. Go away to make sure everything you wear, use or move ends where it belongs. 

You can easily leave a couple of shoes in the front door, a couple of shirts in the bed and dishes in the sink until tomorrow. Remember, these small piles can quickly become big messes.

If there’s no room, consider some ideas about the DIY closet organisation like tension rods and shower curtain hooks. Use door-to-door operators to extend existing areas to your bedrooms, bathrooms and wardrobes. 

Gather your smaller items with decorative baskets and arrange them with a sorting mail. And remember every time you put away your belongings it takes a lot less time than it takes to look for them if you need them again!

Tip # 2: Just make one room at a time. (Speed Cleaning Tips)

One room at a time is the easiest way to keep your whole house clean. By dividing cleaning up a room (and by day), you can do it a little bit at a time, rather than doing every task at once.

Here is how you can clean a house by concentrating on one room at a time: (Speed Cleaning Tips)


The bathroom has a variety of masses throughout the week from and mirror stains to shower grime, wet floors & toothpaste dribbles. Because we use it every day it is easier to clean up after yourself instead of waiting for a bigger mess a couple of weeks later.

Focus areas for a clean bathroom:

• Reinforce the sink

• Dusk, bath and toilet scrub 

• Remove Spot Mirrors

• Mop the floors (not forget the corners) 

Try this simple cleaner recipe for DIY:

• Two cups of water

• 1⁄4 cup soda baking.

• 2 dc. Liquid dish washing

• 3 dc. Vinegar White

• 10 essential oil drops

Take your natural cleaner and sprinkle the surface after you use the sink or exit the shower. Run the water once more to wash off the cleaner. Here you are — you have extended your time until you have to clean your shower deep! 

The essential oil also keeps the room fresh for a few days. Ask everyone in your household to make this a habit for best results.


The key to maintaining clean rooms is storage. You are more likely to keep your personal space clean if you have the right space for all your clothing and accessories.

If you have noticed you don’t seem to have sufficient space, invest in containers or baskets that fit under your bed. With a complete linen change under your bed, it’s also easier to change while you wash your other set. Choosing the right nightstand helps to organise your room. 

Store in the drawers your journals, books and magazines. It can double as a desk if it’s large enough.

Make the habit of these steps to keep your bedroom clean:

• Make a bed
• Fold clothes and throws
• Put away clutter in suitable places
• Dust desks, cabins and racks
• Floor and area vacuum rugs


Dishes in a messy kitchen tend to be the culprit. Do family members like to let the food “soak?” “Prepare with water and few drops of dish detergent one side of your sink. 

Add soapy dishes throughout the day and lift most of the grease and food off the dishes. When you wash or put the dishes in your dishwasher, they are going to be clean.

The kitchen is an excellent place to apply the rule 20 minutes a day. Spend a few extra minutes to clean your kitchen after each meal, and in one of the most important rooms in your home, you never have to deal with an enormous mess.

speed cleaning

Concentrate on these areas when cleaning your kitchen:
• Remove dishes — always have a vacuum sink!
• Smooth counter tops
• Organize your cupboard and fridge.
• Floor sweeping and moping
• Use steel cleaner for equipment

Living room

The living room is the most frequented in the house. If you’re not careful, a range of everyday items can easily be littered. 

Make sure that you put your items in place so that your living room can give your family and friends an initial impression.

Simple steps for a clean living room regularly:

• Clear any storm room (toys, games, books)
• Bluffing pillows and folding blankets
• Mantle of dust, coffee tables and tables.
• Floors and couches of vacuum (especially with pets!)

Such storage solutions will keep your house clean: (Speed Cleaning Tips)

Shoe rack. If your living room is carpeted, your carpet can be significantly worn out by the constant foot traffic. Before they trump dirt and grass in your clean house, you have a place for your family and guests to store their shoes. 

Hidden storage. Vertical shelving, when you have no home for items such as toys, books and games, can help to show your stuff in an organised manner. Storage ottomans are also ideal to minimise confusion and to prevent things from being seen.

Tip # 3: Stick to a timetable. (Speed Cleaning Tips)

One thing is to clean every room, but how do you ensure that your house is free every day of the week? Believe it or not, easy: a cleaning schedule. Create a list to keep you and your household organised on your fridge, wall or desk. Your schedule should not only include what needs to be done but also when it needs to be done. 

You can keep your house in perfect shape year-round by dividing your little household tasks into routines every day, weekly and even monthly.

How to maintain a clean house every day?

Most people wait for their house to begin cleaning messy. The trick is to try and keep your house as tidy as possible every day. These daily tasks are small but effective reminiscences of how to clean a house.

Six easy ways to sleep every night with a clean home: (Speed Cleaning Tips)

• Make the bed. The best way to start your day is to make a bed. Just make your bed every day has a domino effect that allows you to keep everything else smooth and tidy.

• Clean as you cook. When you learn how to keep a house clean, be careful of the disorder in the kitchen. Throw away empty packages & scraps while you are using them. During dinner, roasts clean the utensils & pots in the oven. Make sure that dishes are put away, before or after having a meal. Cleaning as you go saves time and maintains a top shape in your kitchen.

• Grab as you go. Grab as you go. Make it a task to reduce confusion by collecting your items when you leave a room. Take a couple of shoes when you go upstairs to the counter, pick up a cup of coffee and take dirty laundry on the way downstairs.

• Wipe up messes as they occur. Try to avoid unattended spills or small mess. Take a few minutes to wipe them in a damp cloth so at the end of the week you don’t have to deal with set-in stains.

• Sort mail. Every day we receive mail and most of that is junk. Rather than put it in your mailbox or on the counter, sort it out the second time that you’re at the door. When you receive a mail you place in the appropriate places bills, coupons and personal correspondence and recycle junk mail.

• Sweep the floor of the kitchen. The kitchen usually has more traffic than the rest of the house, which means that the floor collects a lot of dirt and waste. Spend a few minutes every day wandering over the floor and you will not see any dirt being dragged all week through the house.

How to maintain a clean house weekly (Speed Cleaning Tips)

Never underestimate the cleaning capacity of a week! Regardless of how successful you are with small daily tasks, you have a few twenty minutes to complete once a week. 

Although a weekly cleaning schedule is not necessarily a single-size solution, it is a simple way to make one room at a time. You will never be overwhelmed as long as you follow a routine that allows you to focus on one major part of your home every day. Practically cleaning your home takes care of itself!

Example schedule for weekly cleaning: (Speed Cleaning Tips)

Monday: Washing and dusting
Tuesday: Bathrooms and vacuuming
Wednesday: living and dining room
Thursday: Rooms Thursday
Friday: Cooking.
Saturday: Organizational and diverse tasks

In addition to consistent cleaning every day and week, you should also be aware of monthly and quarterly cleaning. Mattresses, lint lines, air philtres, blinds and more may be included. You can fill the gaps with these bigger, less frequent tasks by starting your smaller tasks.

Tip # 4: Trust the “power clean” approach. (Speed Cleaning Tips)

When their house is a mess nobody can rest. By spending 10-15 mins in “power clean-up” you can maintain your home clean and tidy. The merrier you can involve your family members! Put on a timer, have fun and concentrate on your top cleaning priorities. 

Concentrate primarily on items that are the greatest mess (whether your kitchen, children’s bedroom or lobby). Then chip the areas with the most traffic.

Here are some key areas to be taken into account:
• Shoes at the entrance
• Plates on the sink
• Bathroom counter items
• Horny coffee table
• Toys on the floor of the living room

Do you think you mastered how to maintain a clean house?
It can seem like one of the many mysteries of life to figure out how to clean a house. You can easily create great habits of cleaning with a little time and effort to keep your home clean always. Or if you are looking for professional cleaners, to make your work easier? Dirt2Tidy cleaners are the best way to keep your house clean. Book today @ dirt2tidy.com.au

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