How often should I steam clean my carpets?


How long should you wait between steam carpet cleaning for your carpet? This is a question we get a lot from our customers. Of course, we state that it is contingent! There are, however, some general rules that you can follow to ensure that your carpets are kept in the best possible condition by professional steam clean and remove the excess foot traffic marks in your carpet.

Cleaning using steam

steam cleaning

The best approach to obtain a completely clean carpet is to have it steam cleaned by a professional, as the steam penetrates all of the carpet fibres and pulls the dirt out of them.

Any moisture that is left behind is vacuumed up by the cleaning equipment, resulting in a significantly cleaner carpet that dries rapidly. The majority of experts advocate doing this once a year, however, it all depends on your lifestyle and climate.

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  • Under some circumstances, the carpet will become considerably dirtier much faster, necessitating more frequent professional carpet cleaning – even 3-6 times a year is not excessive.
  • Allergy sufferers live in your home
  • You have children and indoor pets
  • You live in a dusty or windy climate
  • Mud is tracked infrequently
  • The house is surrounded by plants that produce a lot of pollen, such as wattle trees
  • The house is in a high smog area
  • There are smokers in the house, the carpet should be cleaned more frequently.

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General guideline

A decent rule of thumb is to have your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year, and twice if you tend to track a lot of dirt in high traffic areas. This ensures a thorough cleaning and prevents the accumulation of dirt. In between steam cleaning sessions, vacuum once or twice a week to maintain it clean.

If you have animals


It might be aggravating to have a pet that sheds a lot of furs. To keep things clean, you’ll definitely need to vacuum more frequently, twice to three times each week. What about steam cleaning by a professional? You should do this around two to three times each year.

If you have a busy family

When you have a large family, especially small children, things tend to get dirty more rapidly. As a result, you’ll need to clean more frequently, just as you would if you had pets. To maintain things in tip-top form, vacuum carpets twice to three times a week and get a professional thorough steam clean twice to three times a year.

Is steam cleaning required while moving?

Many people question if it’s important to steam cleaners for your carpets before relocating if they’re already clean. To avoid having to pay extra fees to a real estate agent, the answer is almost usually yes. Many rental agreements state that you must steam clean the carpet fibres before relocating and submit receipts as proof of completion.

Cleaning and blotting on the spot

Another difficulty is spot cleaning your carpets in the event of spillage. What do you do if you’re not due for a steam clean and the rest of the house is in fine shape? First, remove any dirt from the carpet’s surface, then blot any liquid with a clean, dry towel, spreading the substance around to the clean portions with each press.

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Then, to clean further, use a spot cleaning solution and follow the instructions. To make sure it doesn’t bleach your carpet, test it on a tiny patch of carpet in the corner.

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