7 Cleaning Secrets to Getting Your Bond Back


When vacating a rental property, it is standard procedure to complete the final cleanup of the space once your personal belongings are moved. This is known as the end of lease cleaning. The property must be kept in pristine condition when you turn it over back to the property manager or owner so you can get your bond back. 

Save time and effort by hiring professional cleaners to clean your property. Most landlords have strict standards of sanitation so this is why hiring a professional cleaner makes sense. Not only do professionals know the standard requirements for a final clean-up, but they also have the right tools and products to get the job done. For this, you can get a cleaning quote here

But if for some reason you can’t hire a professional cleaner, you can still do this task yourself but it has to meet the cleaning requirements set for the property. 

Before You Start Cleaning

Property managers and landlords follow the Property Condition Report when conducting a thorough inspection of the property at the end of your lease. Therefore, it makes sense to come up with a cleaning checklist 

This checklist will serve as your guide so you can check and inspect the areas that you might otherwise miss. It is important to keep in mind that end of lease cleaning is different from regular cleaning. Bond cleaning is more thorough; you need to comply with these requirements if you want to get your bond back. 

 7 Cleaning Secrets to Keep in Mind

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These are the essential cleaning tips to keep in mind so you can guarantee that you will have your bond deposit back.

1. Thoroughly Clean the Carpet.

Delicate floor coverings such as carpets enhance the look of a property. But daily wear and tear can make it look dull and old. If you want to get your bond back, you need to clean the carpet. Opt for deep cleaning with a vacuum to get rid of any dust particles, pet hair, and other loose debris. 

If there are any tough stains (especially ones that were not there when you moved in), you’ll want to use a deep cleaning. Even with regular cleaning and maintenance, it’s not enough to keep the carpet looking squeaky clean. Steam cleaning is also a recommended approach for a deep carpet clean. 

2. Don’t Miss the Windows and Door Frames.

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Many tenants overlook the windows and door frames during the end of lease cleaning. Oftentimes, windows and door frames are also overlooked during the regular cleaning of the property. As a result, dust, debris, and moisture can collect over time. Aim for crystal clear windows and 

For the windows, you need to use a sponge, cleaning solution, microfiber cloth, and some brush to get rid of any unsightly streaks from dust or debris. Make sure you clean the crevices where the dust can get stuck. 

For the door frames, give it a good scrub down. Use a cleaning solution and cloth to eliminate any dust build-up. You can also use a vacuum cleaner with the crevice tool to get in-between tight spaces that are hard to clean with a brush. 

3. Disinfect the Kitchen.

The kitchen is an important part of any living area. This is a functional space that should be kept well sanitized. 

Unfortunately, the kitchen is also one of the dirtiest areas in a rental property. When deep cleaning the kitchen, pay particular attention to the following: 

  • Kitchen sink
  • Countertops
  • Cabinets
  • Stovetops
  • Dishwashers
  • Ovens

These areas are known for having built-up grease and grime, oil spills, and stubborn stains that you just can’t wipe off. It is also worth noting that different types of surfaces. When you are done cleaning these various kitchen surfaces, make sure you disinfect, especially the high-touch areas. 

4. Clean the Bathroom.

Aside from the kitchen, the bathroom is one part of the rental property that requires thorough cleaning. The different surfaces in your bathroom are subject to rust stains, soap scum, mould, and mildew, and hard water and mineral deposits so that it looks squeaky clean. 

You need specialized cleaning tools and products to clean the bathroom. Don’t miss the walls, tiles, showerheads, bathtub, sink, toilet seat, glass doors, and railings. For tough stains and debris, use a tough cleaning agent and scrubbing tools. 

5. Remove Mould Spots.

Mould spots can develop in a home as a result of poor ventilation, excess moisture, and seepage. Not only do moulds look unsightly, but it can lower the quality of indoor air. It is essential that you remove any mould spots so that the property is safe for the next occupants. 

There are several DIY methods to clean mould spots such as the use of a white vinegar solution. Spray it onto the spot and leave it on for an hour before scrubbing down those spots with soapy water and brush. 

You should also follow these proper guidelines for safe mould removal on the property. If the mould problem is significant, you need to hire a professional to handle the problem as it can be risky to clean without proper equipment. 

6. Check the Light Fittings and Fixtures.

You might not notice it but light fittings and fixtures are prone to collecting dust, debris, and other tough stains. Make sure to include them in your cleaning checklist so you can give it a thorough cleanup. 

Use an all-purpose cleaner to wipe off the visible surfaces. You can also use a microfiber cloth to remove dust, dirt, and grime. You need to clean the light switches, light bulbs, ceiling fans, and more.

7. Move Out Carefully

If you’re working on getting your bond back that also means you’re moving out of course. Therefore, be sure to move out carefully. Putting a scratch, mark or hole in the wall as you try to navigate your couch or bed frame through the corridors is going to eat up your bond. 

Moving also takes days, which means days off work or annual leave days which could be saved and cashed in for a better experience (rather than moving). People often think removalists are expensive but when you consider the days it will take you to move, plus the hours from friends and family, when you calculate those hours into dollars based on your wages you’ll quickly see moving is not worth it (and then there’s the hard work and heavy lifting!). 

Get some quotes from removalists here to quickly calculate if the price makes sense. 

Professional removalists have insurance, which means if they accidentally bump the wall or scratch the floor, the repair cost is covered and you will STILL get your bond back! 

8. Clean the Outdoor Area.

If there is a designated outdoor area in your rental property, you need to clean this part of the property, too. Prune the plants, mow the grass, and remove the unwanted weeds. The landlord and property manager will first notice the outdoor area when conducting an inspection. Therefore, it makes sense to give it a proper cleaning. 

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