Which comes first in a house construction painting or flooring?

painting or flooring
carpet cleaning

Every year in Australia, individuals spend more than $6,000 on house upgrades. These might be small decorating modifications or major landscape upgrades like changing the floors from wood flooring to tiled flooring or painting the baseboards and whole property.

Installing new finished flooring and repainting your house is an excellent method to refresh its appeal. However, if you’ve just installed new flooring, the last thing you want to do is destroy them. Oil-based paint spills removal may cause irrevocable damage to wood, tiles, and carpets in newly finished floors.

So, which should you do first, installing flooring or repainting your home? Knowing how to handle these activities in the correct sequence can reduce your chances of ruining your new flooring or paint work. Continue reading to learn how to approach house renovating.

First, complete any ceiling work

Home renovations may create a lot of debris. To minimise harm later, start with the most difficult tasks. It is critical to remove any dust and dirt before installing finishing touches such as new flooring or paints cover the nail holes, baseboards and trim.

This is why, if you’re planning to repaint a room or replace the floor, you should start with the ceiling and cover the floors. Working on the ceiling may cause a lot of dust and debris to fall to the ground. On the way down, this will strike the walls if they are freshly painted walls.

To reach the ceiling, you will also need to place ladders on your floors. The last thing you want is to leave ladder markings on your newly laid flooring or carpet.

The good news is that your ceiling is far away from any other repairs you’ll have to undertake. As a result, this should be the final area of the room you complete. You may then work your way back down from there.

painting or flooring

Following that is the removal of old flooring and trim

Before you consider painting the walls or installing a new floor, you must first remove the old one. This is another dirty task that must be completed before painting to protect the floor.

Any thrown-up dust or debris might become lodged in a wet coat of paint job and destroy it. If you have repainted the ceiling of a room, allow it to cure before removing the flooring. You won’t destroy your work this way. If you are concerned about this occuring, you may always paint the ceiling afterwards.

This is also an excellent opportunity to remove the wall trim. You may then remove them for repainting or repair if necessary.

After you’ve put your new flooring, you’ll need to reinstall the trim around your walls. This should not be done before laying new flooring since it might cause gaps.

Before installing the flooring, prepare the walls

It’s a good idea to prepare your walls for painting before installing your new floor. This isn’t necessary, but it is a dirty task, and doing it before installing your new floor can save you a lot of time cleaning up.

Wall preparation may include:

  • Patching
  • Taking down wall paper
  • bridging the gap
  • Sanding

All of these things help to achieve a flawless finish on your paint work. However, they may be filthy, so it’s best to avoid this on your new floor (particularly if you’re adding carpet!)

painting or flooring

Laydown Flooring

You are now ready to put the flooring in your house after you have prepared the walls. This should be done prior to painting any of the walls for all type of flooring. You won’t have to repaint regions if you do any damage when installing the flooring.

This is particularly critical if you’re putting up hardwood flooring. You don’t want dust or floor stainer ruining your newly painted walls if your hardwood needs sanding or staining.

After you’ve placed your flooring, you may notice that it’s a bit dusty. This is typical, so don’t spend time cleaning it up before painting the walls. You may have to clean it up again after you’re done!

After you’ve installed the new flooring, you may repair or reattach the trim surrounding it. This is the greatest technique to guarantee that the trim work precisely matches the new flooring. Because you will have to point over any screws, you should reconnect the trim before painting.


Before painting the walls, mask the floors

Painting walls after installing a new floor may be nerve-racking. After all, you don’t want to taint it with paint.

Fortunately, there are several excellent methods for protecting your new flooring from paint damage. Masking your floor entails carefully covering it with plastic or linen. This is then taped to the trim to prevent paint from splattering on the floor.

If you’re worried about painting your walls over new flooring, it’s a smart idea to get expert assistance.

They will be used to this kind of job and will understand how to safeguard your flooring from paint damage. In fact, more pros see this as a finishing touch and would never contemplate doing it before laying a floor!

Prepare Yourself for Efficient Home Remodeling

If you want to redesign and instal flooring in your house, you must do it in the correct sequence.

You should finish the nasty work first, then move on to the finishing touches. Preparing the walls and removing the old flooring are also part of the process. Then, instal your new flooring, and the last item on your to-do list should be painting!

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