Are Cleaning Services Covered By NDIS?

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The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) covers various services to disabled people and their families. But are cleaning services included in its coverage?

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) in Australia has been offering aids and assistance for people in need for years now. The best thing is that the agency’s scheme helps everyone, even in housing supports. 

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Unlike people without disabilities or special needs, disabled individuals cannot perform usual chores due to their physical and mental limitations. Although the continent has different cleaning service companies, some people cannot afford them any longer. 

For those who wonder whether NDIS covers the cleaning services of their clients, here’s the detailed and informative answer for everyone.

NDIS Covers Housing Supports — But Are Cleaning Services Included?

Fortunately, one of the specific types of support under NDIS includes home modifications. Through this category, the agency ensures that their participant’s home does not have any part that can negatively affect their disability.

However, NDIA follows Building Codes and Australian Standards in terms of home modifications. It means that the agency does not offer supports unless the home that will receive improvements and services is the client’s primary residence.

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The disabled person must also consider the place as their permanent home as long as they live.

But the good news is, these supports cover cleaning services. The agency makes sure to cover this, especially when participants can no longer do chores due to their disabilities.

Several cleaning service companies across Australia proudly include that they partnered with NDIS support coordination providers. They can also offer laundry services to make sure that the participant receives utmost personal care.

The service made it to the list of the scheme simply because it involves repetitive tasks which may harm the participants. Homeowners and clients need to have a cleaner place to avoid suffering from any other medical condition.

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Also, housekeeping services as an essential requirement to promote better lives to the agency’s consumers. The bookings on these companies arrive on an hourly basis, and they have different types of services to choose from.

They offer regular house cleaning, deep cleaning, bond clean, and other additional services. However, one must remember that there are additional services that do not fall into the covered category. 

Apart from cleaning services, NDIS also assists with other disability-related needs.

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As mentioned, participants and their guardians may request home modifications to aid disabled family members as they move around their homes. The scheme considers whether the requested changes represent value for money or not.

NDIS may also cover potential costs for routine repairs and maintenance.

What Housing Modifications NDIS Does Not Cover

bond clean

Though NDIS covers most home expenses, particularly with modifications and cleaning services, some items NDIS members usually submit are invalid.

NDIS won’t cover the cost of a home. Installation of fixtures that surpass the standard grade is also not part of the scheme. The repairs for pre-existing damages during the modification process and works that do not comply with the Building Code are out of the list.

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Meanwhile, NDIS cannot also fund supports for group homes, public buildings, residential facilities, and other non-personal accommodations.

To know more about NDIS, its entirety, and how it can best serve your situation as a beneficiary or a guardian, contact an NDIS support coordination provider.

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