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bond cleaning sydney
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We are Sydney’s most trusted Professional Domestic Home Cleaning Service

Choosing a domestic house cleaner requires trust. We’ve won more accolades than any other Australian house cleaning business, so you’re in good hands.

Your local House Cleaning company will offer all tools and deep cleaning supplies, so you can relax. Most importantly, our cleaners are fully trained, insured, and police-checked to ensure your safety while we clean your property.

Starts from $ 180

Domestic Cleaning Pricing

One-off / Regular domestic $ 180
1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom From $ 225
2 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom From $ 270
3 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom From $ 315

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Our eco-friendly cleaners provide Office and commercial domestic cleaning Sydney. Book our cleaners online now!

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Why Clean Your Sydney Home With Dirt2tidy?

New South Wales residents choose Dirt2Tidy because we provide total professionalism and transparency while retaining a friendly and quirky attitude! Dirt2Tidy is a close-knit family that treats clients like family to make homes feel comfortable! Our domestic cleaning Sydney team is courteous, helpful, and empathetic, with amazing cleaning abilities! Dirt2Tidy guarantees excellence and hundreds of extras during your cleaning.

You should know about Dirt2Tidy, a Sydney customer-recommended home cleaning service:

If you want the immaculate cleaning results of a 5-star Domestic Cleaning Sydney maid service, schedule a cleaning with Dirt2Tidy now. You won’t regret it! We serve Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Gold Coast, Adelaide, and Brisbane.

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Our eco-friendly domestic cleaners provide Office and commercial domestic cleaning services in Sydney. Book our cleaners online now!

Dirt2tidy One Off-Regular Domestic Cleaning 

Our domestic house cleaners are recruited, trained and made ready for work. Instead of slaving away your weekends, leave the Domestic cleaning and chores to the experts who love doing it. high standard cleaning company. When you have really run out of time this one-off general clean, offers a helping hand when your week just slips by.

With two decades as an agency for one-off regular domestic deep cleaning services, we know what you need when it comes to providing help with the housework. We are domestic cleaning companies near you.

You can choose just the professional regular domestic cleaning Sydney services near you to need and we professional domestic deep clean Sydney, and engage us for regular cleaning service, full housekeeping services to give you back the time you need to maintain your lifestyle. We do house cleaning services and clean and tidy customer service.

It would include dusting, vacuuming, mopping, kitchen cleaning, pantry fridge cleaning, bed making, bathroom cleaning, washing ironing more in our repertoire. Our staffs are comprised of professional technicians who are employees and independent contractors, providing protection for our clients as we are fully insured. We use Eco-friendly elements and regular house cleaning services.

What Our Customers Says

Your complete satisfaction is our ultimate Goal. That’s why every Dirt2Tidy Cleaning Services sydney is assured with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Our eco-friendly regular house cleaners provide regular house cleaning services in Sydney. Book our cleaners online now!

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Process Of Dirt2Tidy’S Domestic Cleaning Sydney

Our professional One off-regular represents the top of the line professionals and eco-friendly cleaning material and exhaustive know-how we are the best professional domestic cleaning Sydney agency.

Living space

Dusting and wiping walls of surfaces, appliances and decoration;vacuuming and mopping floors;carpets and rugs – the furniture is polished;skirting boards, light switches and window sills are wiped cleaned;cobwebs are removed;the internal windows can be washed and blinds – dusted, upon request.


The sink and its cabinets are washed with special Bathroom cleaning products and sanitised{we don’t apply direct water to clean bathroom}the bath , shower and toilet are disinfected, sanitised and polished;bathroom fittings, accessories, taps handles and fittings are wiped clean dried and polished. The floor swept and mopped;


Cupboards are cleaned in and outside with specialised kitchen cleaning teams products and sanitise (we don’t apply direct water to clean kitchen , cupboards );Floors are vacuumed, swept, mopped, surfaces and bench-tops -wash with sanitise wiped till dry and polished;we will clean the oven in and out;the cooker top, knobs, hops, wiped and polished;the sink is washed to take out tea marks;– spray sanitised on all electrical appliances and wiped to make it look as brand new. The best regular cleaning and professional domestic house cleaners.


Dusting, wiping walls and pictures. The mirrors and its surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned and- polished;window sills and skirting boards – cleaned;All cobwebs are removed. Floors are vacuumed, swept and mopped.


Banisters and railings walls are dusted;floors – vacuumed and mopped.
Residue blinds surfaces, light fittings, and roof fans
Clean showers, shower screens, vanities, shower, mirrors, sinks, taps and toilets cleaned and purified
we a professional domestic cleaning company.
Kitchen seat tops, cooktops, sinks, stove and furthermore run hood/exhaust fan cleaned
Spot cleaning of paintwork professional domestic house cleaning services, domestic cleaning quote.
We provide professional regular home cleaning, domestic house cleaning services.

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Our eco-friendly cleaners provide Office and commercial cleaning services in Sydney. Book our cleaners online now!

Frequently Asked Questions!

Monday through Saturday, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., you may schedule a house cleaning. We set aside a 30-minute window for the cleaning service to begin, so you know precisely when to anticipate our cleaners.

Dirt2Tidy House Cleaning delivers one to three cleaners to your Sydney house, depending on the services and size. If you need both interior and exterior home cleaning, we may send four cleaners—two for the inside and two for the outside.

Domestic cleaning include all cleaning services performed in a domestic setting, as well as a variety of household activities ranging from sweeping floors to surface cleaning.
Dirt2Tidy offers a variety of Sydney House Cleaning services. Check the applicable boxes and provide your contact information, and we’ll give you a free quotation.
We also provide specific House Cleaning Sydney services, like as restoring your barbeque to like-new condition if it is almost useless. The same is true for specific disinfectants, oven cleaning, and cleaning for NDIS members.
Domestic cleaning varies from commercial cleaning in that it focuses on homes and domestic environments rather than businesses. Commercial cleaning, on the other hand, is designated for companies and organisations such as restaurants, hotels, and hospitals. Each cleaning method has its own set of health and safety restrictions.
Public buildings, for example, are expected to meet Work Health and Safety (WHS) regulatory criteria, and failure to comply may result in a warning or punishment; however, residential cleaning has no specific legal standards and is allowed by you, the Sydney homeowner.
Cleaning a household area is also less complicated than cleaning an office building or another commercial property since domestic cleaning projects often do not need the use of industrial-grade vacuums or floor polishers.

For your convenience, your Dirt2Tidy cleaning crew provides their own environmentally friendly tools and materials. We only use environmentally friendly items that are safe to use around small children and pets. We’ll be happy to use whatever cleaning supplies you’d like! Our expert service is tailored to meet your needs.

Our cleaning crew spends around 1 to 1.5 hours cleaning for a one bedroom property. A home three times the size may take three to five hours, and so on. Because we constantly endeavour to maintain the greatest standards of cleanliness, cleaning may take longer if you have a bigger home.
Cleaning service times vary based on the individual rooms of a home. The bathroom and kitchen, for example, demand more maintenance than other, low-traffic rooms.
At Dirt2tidy, we take pleasure in providing Sydney House Cleaning services that are both efficient and effective. That includes paying attention to things that other cleaners overlook – our painstaking approach is backed by a satisfaction guarantee.
To find out how long it should take to clean your property, contact us or use our online booking system. We will give a free time estimate and quotation, as well as arrange a booking that fits with your schedule.

For our home cleaning services, we only take credit or debit cards. There is no need to be concerned you can also pay cash on the day of your cleaning service. Stripe processes our online payments, and we utilise secure security methods to safeguard your information.

The truthful but difficult answer is that there are no set charges for House Cleaning in Sydney.The two most important pricing criteria are (1) the services you require and (2) the size and room arrangement of your property.
Homes with a single bed and bathroom are often the cheapest since they take up the least amount of space. A three-bedroom, one-bathroom home costs nearly twice as much to clean as a four-bedroom, three-bathroom property. The charges are the same whether you choose a normal or thorough clean.
Standard cleaning include general upkeep to enhance the cleanliness of a property. We concentrate on aesthetic concerns such unclean toilets, dusty shelves, and undesired detritus. These jobs normally do not need the use of particular instruments or abilities.
Deep cleaning entails removing undesirable filth and grime, particularly in difficult-to-reach areas. Our thorough cleaning services can remove scale and soap scum from bathtubs as well as power wash stains off the outside of your property. Historically, we have not included these services in our base package.

On our booking page, you may choose your preferred cleaning frequency! We provide big savings according on how often you want us to clean your house. We also do not bind you to long-term commitments, giving you complete discretion over your cleaning schedule.

Our cleaners are insured and police-checked. We want to make you feel safe and welcome. That implies bearing responsibility for inadvertent harm or property damage.
We have workers’ comp for cleaning injuries. Insurance pays cleaners’ medical expenses and missed earnings. Workers’ compensation protects against unexpected sickness and ensures compliance with government laws.
Material damage is covered under general responsibility. If one of our cleaners breaks your bathroom mirror, we’ll submit a claim. Insurance companies analyse requests before paying for damage repairs. None of your money is required.
The insurance covers negligence. A negligent party causes an accident by being careless while completing a duty. Insurance covers physical injury and property damage, personal injury, tenant legal responsibility, and medical costs.
Sydney homeowners like tenant legal liability most because it protects their property. Damage at home is covered, not afterwards. Intentional damage, vehicle insurance, and craftsmanship are exceptions to general responsibility.

Do you want to come home to a spotless house without having to make an effort to clean it? We have the ability to make it happen! To make things easier for you, we provide a broad range of different home cleaning services, which include a detailed cleaning of the kitchen, an intensive cleaning of the bathrooms, as well as vacuuming and dusting of the living spaces.
In addition to the services our customers have come to expect from us, we also provide a wide range of additional cleaning services that go above and beyond the norm, such as cleaning carpets, curtains, and upholstery, as well as using pressure. We are able to tackle any task, regardless of its size or complexity.

You are not need to be there while we clean since, as you are aware, all of our cleaners are police-checked and very trustworthy. We will work around your schedule to clean your house when it is most convenient for you, whether you are there or not. However, if you want to stay at home while we clean, we will do our best to cause as little interruption to your regular routine as possible.


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