Upholstery Cleaning

We at Dirt2Tidy are glad to say that we are the best when it comes to cleaning upholsters in Newcastle. All materials wrapped in fabrics, including sofas, dining chairs and coils, can be cleaned professionally through our skilled Dirt2Tidy experts.

Similar to Upholstery cleaning, washing tapestry often demands longer lifespan and a new, germ-free look. For the best cleaning process, we have a team of experienced professionals. We can clean up all fabric varieties that may pose a challenge for you with these methods. Our team will inform you in addition to the correct cleaning of your freshly washed items. You can also provide specialist guidance.

We generally utilize best Australian made non-poisonous and condition benevolent synthetic concoctions during the upholstery cleaning process, which are innocuous for kids and pets. Best Google Rated Upholstery cleaning Services in Australia.

Upholstery Cleaning Pricing
Arm Chair Price Per Seat Dining Chair
$40 $35 $20
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You should clean our upholstery for three reasons!
Upholstery Cleaning

1. Appearance: the most important reason for cleaning your upholstery is to keep the furniture looks good. Keep your furniture look nicer; longer-lasting and clean regularly so it doesn’t build dirt or grime.

2. Family health: fleas, molds and bacteria can make your feet comfortable and unknown. Pathogens and soil will grow to the point that they can affect family health risks. Deep inside your furniture, bacteria may create nasty odors.

3. Air Quality: most people don’t know that cleaning up their Carpets can help your home to provide air quality. A good cleaning of mold, rust, mildew and allergens will get rid of issues. In every household, low air quality may trigger problems with breathing.

Upholstery stain removal treatment

The Dirt2Tidy Upholstery Cleaning Group offers a variety of fabric treatments. With the requisite equipment in order to give your textiles a new and fresh feel, our Upholstery cleaning service is second to none in all Newcastle. Our services include end of lease cleaning, Upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, water mining, commercial tissue cleaning, cleaning of pads and steam curtain cleaning, etc. We also offer a wide range of services. In the field of tapestry cleaning, the Dirt2Tidy Cleaning Group provides both quality services and affordable service for all of you.

We hope to be Australia’s best Upholstery cleaning service providers, with unconquerable services and customer satisfaction. This ensures that 100% of our cleaning supplies are eco-conscious even pets and healthy for babies. We make use of the most relevant premium cleaning materials. Cleaning service Dirt2Tidy Steam Tapes help to preserve the beauty and texture of your carpet while using the most sustainable materials of steam cleaning to keep your family and homes smooth and secure. The clean and well-maintained maintenance of the carpets increases the service life of the Upholstery.

Dirt2Tidy Cleaning Use state-of-the-art machine high pressure when cleaning your Upholstery, because we know that only surface dirt can be taken away from your home vacuum cleaner. Through our high-pressure devices, you will be equipped with an integrated steam cleaning facility that not only removes surface soil but also absorbs profound debris and dirt, mites, pet dander, bacteria, fungi and allergens. You need not worry about a number of stains on the Upholstery with our specially formulated removal solutions. We also remove tapes that are caused either by broken water pipes and floods just as we are experts in carp stain remover.

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Any more missed End of lease cleaning arrangements or Calling your lease cleaner thinking about they’ll appear. All the professionals in Dirt2tidy have been experienced the screening process so you can trust them to work admirably.

Below is a list of procedures for the cleaning of your Upholstery

Pre-examination: Examination of thin and fiber ID to select the right care for the tapestry.  

Pre-vacuum: HEPA Filtration (commercial grade) is the control head vacuum. Pre-spotting: we use appropriate professional products to treat all stains and spots.

Pre-spraying: Using accepted solutions for cleaning your tapestry form. (Note that wool safe is all the products we use). Hot water retrieval, use the most current qualified steam cleaning devices. Carpet steam washing.

Neutralization: They neutralize tapes so that no residual traces exist, which means that the pH level is healthier at a safe stage.

Deodorizing: Hopefully we deodorize the carpet with a new, not unnecessary cleaning team around Australia that will clean the home Newcastle on every day of the week. Electronic bookings for our cleaners can be achieved by utilizing the whizz application or on the site. 

Your Dirt2Tidy home cleaning professionals will be carried out with a police check and a cleaning experience of at least one year.

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Fabric Texture insurance makes your upholstery enduring by making a defensive shield against stains and dirt development. Be that as it may, Fabric Protection Services are excluded from the upholstery cleaning administrations, the Scotchguard arrangement is applied to the solicitation of client on extra charges.
New Upholstery Cleaning has prepared its guaranteed cleaners to clean a wide range of upholstery textures – be it costly or modest, light weight or substantial. From manufactured textures, silk, acetic acid derivation texture, vinyl, fleece, velvet, microfiber, softened cowhide, leather – we are prepared to deal with each texture with most extreme consideration. We realize that a solitary cleaning arrangement/strategy can do some amazing things for all textures so we utilize exceptional procedures and cleaning specialists for various textures. Be certain that with Fresh Upholstery Cleaning, your upholstery is in acceptable hands.
We specialize in upholstery stain expulsion. Our cleaners have specialized ability, information, and experience to do as such. Additionally they are furnished with solid cleaning arrangements that assist them with getting rid of the stains without breaking a sweat. Got a stain? Contact us
Each individual upholstery should be cleaned through a particular cleaning process. The typical dry time is between 6 to 12 hours however it significantly relies upon which cleaning technique we utilize on your upholstery. In situations where we use defender application, the drying time can differ. In any case, we attempt to clean your couch and upholstery asap.
Clean as a whistle Upholstery has the potential and experience to deal with a wide range of textures for your upholstery. Indeed, we have skills in microfiber upholstery as well. We realize that no two sorts of texture are the equivalent and subsequently every one of them needs an alternate technique and arrangement. Our cleaners are prepared to make sense of which cleaning technique should be utilized for which texture. So you can be guaranteed of security with us. We have done microfiber upholstery cleaning for some clients previously.
Yes, it will in a positive way. Spotless Upholstery offers most extreme nature of upholstery cleaning that guarantees that your upholstery gets cleaned as well as even reestablished. We deal with any fixes required and in this manner upgrade the life of the texture of the upholstery. We even have some expertise in Leather upholstery for which we have exceptional cleaning arrangements that add to its excellence and life. With us, you can have confidence that your upholstery will get a total makeover and look like new!

Our staffs are comprised of professional technicians who are employees rather than independent contractors, providing protection for our clients.


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