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Many people think that the way forward is to organize the cheapest bond cleaning service. Nevertheless, they lament the move, as the manager of a property has not earned his bond for weeks – or worse! The bond cleaning work is basically money down the sink. The reality is that the strongest Dirt2Tidy bond cleaners have a special potential to clean daily houses. A successful bonding cleaner requires unique training, dedication and an initial checklist for cleaning. At Dirt2Tidy, after completing a 3-part application form, we personally examine all our Dirt2Tidy cleaning Gold Coast cleaners. Our assistance is comprehensive and we have a top-quality bond cleaning checklist for our expert service for Dirt2Tidy purification. Are you moving out of your rental? Does comprehensive bond clean need professionals? Look only at Gold Coast ‘s Dirt2Tidy Cleaning. We are one of Gold Coast’s best local bond cleaners and provide an extensive, efficient and high-quality lease cleaning service.

Exit Cleaning Cost
Start from
1 Bedroom + 1 Bathroom
Start from
2 Bedrooms + 1 Bathroom
Start from
3 Bedrooms + 1 Bathroom
Start from
4 Bedrooms + 1 Bathroom
Start from
$ 250$ 200$ 240$ 280$ 320
include Carpet
Start from
include Carpet
Start from
include Carpet
Start from
include Carpet
Start from
include Carpet
Start from
$ 310$ 280$ 355$ 430$ 505
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Our Services Includes

We speak to forefront advancement, with eco-accommodating Bond Cleaners (eco-accommodating) and thorough ability. The Bond Cleaning Gold Coast guarantees the most satisfying post-rent property condition. Our expert bond cleaning Gold Coast speaks to cutting edge advancement, awesome Cleaners (eco-accommodating) and thorough skill. The Bond Cleaning Gold Coast guarantees the most satisfying post-rent property condition. Also, we deal with your finish of bond cleaning.

Bed room, Living room and All commom areas

Light clean up
Spider web evacuation
Void Bins
Residue & Wipe all surfaces
Wipe/Clean entryways
Clean light switches and door handles
Wipe evading sheets and window ledges
Vacuum/Wipe unmistakable window tracks
Vacuum/Mop all floors
Residue/Clean mirrors
Wipe blinds
Wardrobe floors vacuumed/cleaned
Holder racks/poles cleaned
Clean lobbies, staircases
Light spot clean dividers


Clean stovetop
Clean rangehood (outside) and underside
Clean fumes fans/channels
Clean/Wipe all surfaces
Clean sprinkle back
Ice chest loops and vents vacuumed (behind ice chest)
Clean & Polish tapware
Scrub & Clean sink
Clean inside/outside microwave
Clear organizers all around
Clean cabinet handles
Clear organizers all around
Clean treated steel surfaces
Mop floors


Clean all surfaces
Scrub/Clean shower
Scrub/Disinfect latrine
Scrub/Clean shower
Scrub/Clean sinks
Scrub divider tiles/grout
Clean outside of cupboards and drawers
Clean mirrors
Clean & Polish tapware and chrome
Mop all floors
Void containers
Clean roof exhaust fans


Clean all residue/build up
Clean build up from exhaust fan (roof)
Clean tile floors
Clean sink and tubs
Clean dust from evading sheets
Clean light fittings where available
Clean all entryway and window outlines
Clean interior pantries
Clean Exterior pantries
Cleaning Dryer channel


Expelling Cobwebs
Cleaning shelves

Washroom & Cupboards

Purify and Clean all racks
Cleaning Spot signs of the dividers
Clean all drawers
Purify and Clean all entryways/handles

Outside Window

Screen cleaning
Sliding glass entryway
Ledges and tracks

Cooler / Freezer

External body cleaning
Internal body cleaning
Pipe cleaning


Sliding entryway/glasses
Expelling spider webs Dusting dividers lights
Clear and mop

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Vacuuming with power pivoting head
Evacuating stain marks
Prespray (Eco-Friendly)
Steam cleaning (Hot water augmentation)

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Bond Cleaning Process

Dirt2Tidy Expert bond cleaners provide our customers with special systems to fulfill all excellent demands from the outset. Once you have listed all the sensitivities, the Dirt2tidy expert will email you again with all the necessary details you require. It is important that the resources and money assigned to the home for the final clean-up are reviewed with the bond cleaning organization’s administrator. Many of your belongings are packed safely by our bond cleaners. Often we have movers to have qualified travel governments to help them, while others carry all their things individually. To completely perform our duties, the whole bottle and the whole lot should be removed from the room. Persons who transfer out will not have to be present towards the close of the contract sweeping. At least three people are liable for all bond cleaning activities from our company under the supervision of our supervisor. 

Bond cleaning is inconceivably hard to deal with without the assistance of an expert specialist organization to cover for all the errands. Dirt2Tidy has Extraordinary assistance demands, go with pretty much every request to the point that it’s not, at this point “exceptional” administration however “extra” administration. Keep in mind, the Dirt2Tidy bond cleaning operator will assess property in detail so tidying up each room completely ought to be high on our schedule.

Once you come to this point, we have many alternatives. Some of them are to name our bond cleaning specialist. You may need to examine that extensively now, if you are not the sort of cleaning, most household will consult our professional bond cleaning authority, such as us. If our expert or owner feels that every piece of the property is extraordinary in terms of cleanliness and the general quality, he or she may order you to re-go the property to do a cleaning or offer to remove cash from the cling to cover the costs of the qualified bond cleaning administrations. Recall that it’s the fault if anything occurs, be vigilant to go straight to the supposed our bond cleaning specialist and explaining your requirements.

How Dirt2Tidy Works

How it works


Select your service with a date and time you like for your professional to arrive.

Dirt2tidy fits your schedule. Simply pick the time and date for your service and we’ll wrap up! Save time.


Confirm your booking online

Dirt2tidy’s simple on-request booking platform means we can give you a forthright cost and confirm your service quickly online.


Get the job done!

Any more missed End of lease cleaning arrangements or Calling your lease cleaner thinking about they’ll appear. All the professionals in Dirt2tidy have been experienced the screening process so you can trust them to work admirably.

Bond Cleaning Bond Money

Dirt2Tidy Bond Cleaning Gold Coast and see how easy it can be to guarantee my bond money back from Qld Bond Cleaning Gold Coast? We offer a 7-day bond cash back guarantee, which means that if your property agent is not happy with our work, we will go back free of charge and clean up again. 7- Day Bond Back Guarantee. This is the confidence we have in our Gold Coast bond cleaning. 100% Positive Feedback. We do not use shortcuts in QLD Dirt2Tidy Bond Cleaning Gold Coast. Therefore, our customers enjoy our traditional fashioned washing! The BOND MONEY BACK GUARANTY You do not think about the bond being returned. We’ll make sure that your bond cash is returned sooner and smoother – just one example of Qld Dirt2Tidy Bond Cleaning Gold Coast’s excellent customer service. Who are the best bond cleaners on the Gold Coast? There are several bond cleaners around, but you can wonder who you would pick. 

We make the choice easy with a guaranteed bond back work of the highest quality as well as the cheapest. You can rest easy knowing that we will complement the work when choosing Qld Bond Cleaning Gold Coast. Cleaning up allows you to focus on moving your house correctly and facilitates the whole process. Another benefit from the Qld Bond Cleaning Gold Coast is that we provide an array of services, like carpet cleaning, which work together. Therefore, why not call and see what we can do for you today. You ‘re going to be glad you did! Dirt2Tidy End of Lease Cleaning Gold Coast Welcomes to our bond cleaning Gold Coast service which is owned and operated by our family. At the end of your rental, we have cleaned your home professionally from the Dirt2Tidy Clean Australia team. Obtain your obligation back guarantee throughout the lease process We clean up your rental house to the highest standard of all property managers at the end of your lease to ensure you get the bond back. We have trained cleaning teams which clean houses, villas, houses and duplexes throughout the whole of the Gold Coast. From tweed heads to Beenleigh, to Bonogin, to Paradise Point, to Palm Beach, we deliver clean ties at the gold coast.

Don’t you release the relationship slip into risk, our professional bond cleaning staff have supported hundreds of families with the Gold Coast NOW covering Brisbane, the Ipswich and the Sunshine Coast. There’s no reason to think about our Gold Coast cleaning staff. Our qualified bond cleaning teams have seen everything, we do not have to worry about your investment, we will turn it back new, simply raise your telephone and call our team today for a compulsory free quote that we are here to help. we will not be able to make any investments unnecessary. We will not need to worry. Our families and operated companies are proud to offer a first-class service to all our customers, we pay little attention to detail, we go the extra mile. When the contract is up and time has come to get out, it can be highly difficult to have doubt in having the debt back. When I moved in, is the property the same as it looked? Does the property have any damage caused while I was the tenant? Is the building just as clean when I moved in? If you look at the previous questions, the answer is most likely “no.” It is important that you perform a thorough bond cleaning before you move out of your property.

 Dirt2Tidy Clean Australia’s bond cleaners realize just what land managers and shareholders want as locators move and claim their bonds back. Cleaning conditions for the Bond Cleaning is one of the last things you want to stress when you move. A completion of rental clean-up requires a lot of hard work because the landlord now assesses it. The cleaners end up saving you money and time and helping to ensure that your bond money is retrieved. The hard work required to get out of the property must not be overlooked. Good bond cleaners know what homeowners or renters are searching for precisely and just how to sort for anything on a document that is often longer than four lines.


How is a good bond cleaner to choose?

The cycle of travelling is exhausting enough; by landing on a wrong bond cleaner, you should not add to this tension. Here are a few valuable tips to bear in mind.

1. The first step is to check with friends and on the web. Take a few tips and then dig more carefully at it. Check for reputations, track records for customer service and client feelings. You can do that to limit the area.

2. Those with good credentials are looking for next. The certification from the Bond Cleaning and Restoration Institute is something you may want to look for.

3. Concentrate on costs, eventually. The best way to do this is to ask 3 or 4 companies to quote and then compare it.

In the Gold Coast, we are bond cleaners Whether you’re a resident, landlord or homeowner, we’ll relieve the stress of moving around and rest your mind. Moving to a new place can be a traumatic activity.  In order to avoid this, we provide a wide selection of bond cleaning facilities to deter this scenario.

Instead of waiting at the last minute for practice, it is easier to get a plan beforehand for potential problems. In the future, bond capital will support you. We are proud of Gold Coast ‘s invaluable escape and bond cleaning and we have the expertise of persuading the owner to refund the bond money in accordance with the lease agreement.

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Many customized factors apply while framing the Bond cleaning time interim, similar to the size and state of the property, regardless of whether you need your rugs expertly cleaned or just vacuumed, particular extra prerequisites you may have, and the sky’s the limit from there. The normal cleaning session of a standard 2-room loft can take around 4 hours, yet for a progressively exact gauge, if it’s not too much trouble call one of our client care agents.
Most of our standard employments include groups of 2-3 cleaners, however on the off chance that you have a greater property, which requires more consideration, we can give you a custom offer that will fulfill your needs.
Yes, obviously. At the point when you book your End of lease cleaning administration, you can profit by our carpet steam cleaning administration at limited rates.
Yes, we promise you that our vacate cleaning administrations will be useful in recovering your security cash. Be that as it may, we’ll not ensure in the event that you’ve harmed anything inside the property. In the event that any issue is a direct result of cleaning, at that point we’ll truly assist you with solving that. Indeed, even we’ll give re-clean liberated from cost whenever required.
Yes, we clean kitchen and washroom tiles and grouts as we incorporate them into our cleaning agenda. Be that as it may, you need to let us know during the finish of rent quote on the off chance that they’re stained or torn up pretty bad. We have to clean them with pressure clean strategy and it’ll cost you some additional that should be included in the value quote.
Indeed, we clean windows from inside and in the event that you’ll ask for, at that point offer outside window cleaning as well. We likewise spotless, clear and mop the floor.
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