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Why do you hire a specialist to clean your oven?

  • Many households use their oven three days a week, for a total of 150 times a year (on average). This causes a build-up of oils, greases, food, and burned charcoal on the interior of your oven, which can be difficult to scrub if not cleaned regularly.
  • If you're one of the many Australians who clean their ovens just once or twice a year, a professional oven clean would be extremely beneficial.
  • Your oven can look and function as well as new with high-quality cleaning equipment and chemicals without you needing to vacuum for hours really, oven cleaning takes hours.

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cleaning service canberra

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cleaning service canberra

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Your complete satisfaction is our ultimate Goal. That’s why every Dirt2Tidy Cleaning Services is assured with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Our eco friendly cleaners provides Office and commercial cleaning services in canberra .
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Our eco friendly cleaners provides Office and commercial cleaning services in canberra .
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Cleaning Ovens and BBQs in Canberra is a job well done.

With our specialized facilities, you can say goodbye to your dirty oven and BBQ!

  • Cleaning the oven and BBQ is deemed dirty work that no one wants to perform. It's not only difficult to strip the grime and fat from the grill and shelves, but it's still a pain to sweep off all the filth.
  • If you don't want to get your hands dirty, consider our cleaning service in Canberra for your oven and BBQ, which guarantees hygienic and safe appliances.
  • All of our cleaning products have been thoroughly checked, are completely sterile, and are among the best in the industry. We use solvent- and toxin-free natural cleaning agents that leave a pleasant odor behind. So send us a call today to get your oven and BBQ looking fresh.

What's the deal with Dirt2Tidy's?

  • Our highly qualified and experienced cleaners are both small business owners, which means they operate exclusively with you to produce the best outcomes possible.
  • All of Dirt2Tidy's cleaners are professionally insured, background tested, and certified experts, ensuring that you are completely satisfied with the services provided.
  • Guaranteed 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Since your oven is such an important part of your house, we guarantee your complete fulfillment on any task. If you are not satisfied with the work we have completed, we will return to clean it before you are satisfied, at no additional charge!
  • When it comes to cooking equipment, we take special precautions and carefully remove all separable bits in order to clean them properly. Using non-chemical ingredients, we will dissolve all of the residual grime from the racks and plates during the deep cleaning.
  • We go beyond and above by offering all of the components a hot wash before wiping them dry to get them ready for cooking.
  • We polish the steel pieces and clean the glass door to make them gleam like new. We leave no trace of our presence and clean up the whole contamination from the field before departing. We clean all types of ovens in different sizes and conditions made by all of Australia's well-known brands.

How much would it cost to clean an oven?

  • For ovens, we have a rather simple pricing system and a low starting price. The cost can differ depending on the size and state of your oven, but we promise that our rates will be affordable.
  • Our employees have received advanced training and will go through the price with you before we begin. We guarantee no unpleasant surprises, and our costs cover labor and cleaning supplies.
  • OVENS - Starting at $129.95
  • We are the industry pioneers in quality oven cleaning and provide you with exceptional support around the board, which is why we are Canberra's Best.

Your Oven Would Be the Cleanest It Has Ever Been

  • We will disinfect your oven to a professional degree that an untrained individual cannot do. We will assist you with the condition of your oven if you have scratches on your grill or oven that won't go anywhere.
  • We can even dismantle portions of your oven in order to clean it thoroughly. This also implies that we can vacuum between the door's glass panes.
  • Our efficient services increase the efficiency of these household goods while also saving resources by extending their longevity and reducing the chance of repeated breakdowns caused by burnt carbon and grime buildup. Both of the components are hand washed and then sprayed with hot water to get them primed for cooking as soon as they dry.

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Our eco friendly cleaners provides Office and commercial cleaning services in canberra .
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  • With a clean BBQ, you can prepare good, fresh food for your next family get-together or Sunday brunch. You often get to avoid risks such as malfunctioning or fire while grilling.
  • We can clean every kind of grill, including hooded grills, spit roasters, and gas grills.
  • We carry protective plastic sheets with us to ensure that no mess is made in your backyard, kitchen, or anywhere the device is installed.
  • Using our eco-friendly and nutritious materials, we hand clean all of the burned carbon and de-grease the barbeque.
  • We also clean the BBQ's exterior surfaces and offer it a hot wash to prepare it for its next usage.
  • We use the industry's best, tested, and eco-friendly oven cleaning materials, as well as cutting-edge equipment, to ensure that the welfare of you and your family is always a priority.

All makes, sizes, and oven finishes are taken care of by:

  • Getting rid of all food particles, grime, fat, and dirt.
  • Clean the shelves, glass, and grills, as well as the hobs, hoods, dials, and keys.
  • Make sure your oven sparkles by steam cleaning it.
  • Oven detailing (extra charge) – washing some secret spaces, such as behind the liners, where grease and grime has built up and could cause a fire threat.
  • Restore your oven to its former glory – without the stench.
  • Call today for Canberra's most experienced cleaning service.
  • The advantages of hiring Dirt2Tidy to scrub your oven professionally:
  • Extends the lifetime of your oven
  • Lowers electricity efficiency in your home because filthy ovens take longer to heat up.
  • Around Australia, we have over 300 qualified cleaners.
  • Get a nice deal and save time when you book a vacate, spring clean, commercial, or house clean together!

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We extensively train our cleaners in all the cleaning jobs so that they are second to none.

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We extensively train our cleaners in all the cleaning jobs so that they are second to none.

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We extensively train our cleaners in all the cleaning jobs so that they are second to none.

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Our eco friendly cleaners provides Office and commercial cleaning services in canberra .
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Cleaning tips

Cleaning the house from top to bottom and removing the stubborn stains can be tiring and taxing.
Here are our latest blogs that will help you to clean your home with some efficient DIY tricks.

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Our eco friendly cleaners provides Office and commercial cleaning services in canberra .
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Frequently Asked Questions!

We will disinfect your oven thoroughly, but please be aware that although we are sure that your oven will be free of grease, oils, and general surface grime, we cannot guarantee that it will be completely clean.

If your oven has not been washed on a regular basis, certain persistent and burnt-in marks will remain, as intensive scrubbing or harsh solutions may degrade the surfaces of your oven.

The time it takes us to clean an oven varies, but on average, it takes one to two hours to clean an oven. There could be a waiting period of up to 30 minutes as the cleaning agent does its magic on heavily soiled ovens.

In addition to our oven cleaning service, we consider having other house cleaning services such as kitchen or bathroom cleaning or whole-home cleaning.

Bundling services will save you money, and we can finish other cleaning activities as we wait for the oven cleaning solution to work its magic. You will want to arrange skilled oven cleaning twice a year, depending on how much you use your oven and what you use it for.

When you order oven cleaning, one of our local cleaning professionals will visit your home to inspect your oven before providing you with a quotation.

Since our quotes are customized for each work, costs differ depending on the size and quality of the oven, as well as the time is taken to properly clean it.

You will save money and time by booking an oven cleaning for a spring cleaning, vacate, ad, or house cleaning.

To give you peace of mind, all of our cleaners are professionally licensed and background tested who are fully insured

Oil, grease, burnt-on food, and stains are easily removed with the best oven cleaners, which are inexpensive, durable, and reliable. Although there are numerous items available, the majority of them contain caustic additives that can corrode oven components and damage human tissue so always have a damp cloth ready to wipe after use. We suggest Dirt2Tidy's Own Oven & Cooktop Cleaner, which is chemical-free and breaks down fats, oils, grease, and stains without emitting harsh fumes. This enzyme-based cleaner, derived from plants, automatically lifts all forms of dirt from oven surfaces and can be securely discharged down the drain.

During a skilled scrub, we thoroughly disinfect both the inside and outside of your oven with hot soapy water. To avoid burns between cleanings, wipe down large spills as soon as they happen until the oven has fully cooled down. Easy messes can be cleaned by spraying Dirt2Tidy's Own Oven & Cooktop Cleaner on the infected spot, leaving it on for five minutes, and wiping it down with a clean rag. Keep the spray on for 30 to 60 minutes for deeply soiled fields, then rinse the surface with a nonabrasive pad. Wipe it off with a clean cloth until the fat, oil, fruit, or another matter has softened.