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Brisbane: Brisbane’s Choice BBQ Cleaning by Dirt2Tidy

  • Queensland’s Finest: A BBQ cleaning service that’s as warm and friendly as Brisbane itself.
  • Lasting Clean: Durable cleaning that withstands Brisbane’s dynamic weather.
  • Grill Master’s Choice: Recommended by grill enthusiasts for our detailed and thorough service.
  • Convenient Service: We work around your schedule, offering convenient booking times.

100% Satisfaction guarantee.

Best rated service.

Insured Cleaners.

bbq cleaning

100% Satisfaction guarantee.

Best rated service.

Insured Cleaners.

bbq cleaning brisbane

Leave Your BBQ Sparkling with Dirt2Tidy Brisbane’s Comprehensive Services

Backyard barbeques are quintessential in Brisbane. As you fire up the grill for another iconic Aussie tradition, don’t let layers of grime and residue rain on your parade. Dirt2Tidy Brisbane offers specialized BBQ cleaning services to rejuvenate your unit, so you can keep the good times and cuisine flowing all year round.

Starts from $145

BBQ Cleaning Pricing

Weber Q Starts From$ 145
2 Burners Starts From$ 165
3 Burners Starts From$ 195
4 Burners Starts From$ 225

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How to get our BBQ cleaning Brisbane service to come to you

Our online booking form is easy to use and will save you a lot of time.

Professionals you can trust

Meet the people who are paid to clean. You can either be at home when the cleaners come and show them your grill, or you can give them a key before the planned day.

Quickly Book Online

Fill out the form with your postal code. If you put your location into the booking form, you can see our real-time availability and job price.

Plans that can be changed

Online, you can make an appointment. Pick the day and time that works best for your plan. We will make our own plans based on yours.

Brisbane Loves Its BBQs, And So Do We

As a Brisbane-based business, we understand this city’s profound connection with barbequing. From small family gatherings in suburban backyards to large parties at parks and camps, BBQs bring Brisbaneites together. Since 2009, Dirt2Tidy Brisbane has shared this love, becoming locals’ trusted experts for cleaning their prized grilling possessions after each session.

We know that meticulous and regular cleaning not only enhances flavors but also prolongs your BBQ unit’s life. Our tailored packages deliver a comprehensive clean, whether it’s a small portable or a complex integrated system. Let us refresh worn-out plates, deep clean internal components, and make exterior surfaces shine again while you focus on more important things – like perfecting your legendary BBQ recipes.

Ready to Book a Service

Our eco-friendly cleaners provide Office and commercial cleaning services in Brisbane. Book our cleaners online now!

Our 5-Step BBQ Cleaning Process

At Dirt2Tidy Brisbane, we don’t just scrub and leave. Our award-winning technicians undergo specialized training to deliver a 5-step cleaning process for outstanding results:

1. Consultation and Quote

We initiate with a comprehensive site inspection and consultation to analyze your BBQ model and frequency of use. This step allows us to provide a transparent quote and cleaning plan tailored to your unit.

2. Dismantling and Descale

Next, we gently dismantle the unit to uncover all components and ensure no surface is left untouched. We then descale the insides and plates to eliminate grease, fat residues, and cooling.

3. Deep Internal Cleaning

Our techs scrub away stubborn accumulated dirt inside the BBQ’s nooks using eco-friendly solutions. We detail hoses, vents, burners, and other innermost components.

4. External Surface Restoration

The magic truly happens here as we eliminate stains, rust, and layers of baked-on sauces from your BBQ’s exterior. Our non-toxic solutions make metal and glass surfaces shine vibrantly again.

5. Reassembly and Maintenance Tips

As the last step, we carefully reassemble your unit with the knowledge of seasoned experts. We also provide useful maintenance tips so you can retain the cleanliness before your next Dirt2Tidy visit.

What Our Customers Says

Your complete satisfaction is our ultimate Goal. That’s why every Dirt2Tidy Cleaning Services is assured with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Dirt2Tidy BBQ Cleaning Services

At Dirt2Tidy, We are committed to delivering outstanding outcomes that meet your needs when it comes to BBQ and oven detailing you may also include carpet cleaning at extra charges to combine the service and save time.

bbq cleaning

Please email us today for more details or to schedule a cleaning.

We can clean both your oven and your BBQ on the same day, or even pest control we can come to your house on separate days to finish the work.

Why should you pay for a professional BBQ cleaning because you can do it yourself?

That is an excellent issue. Every DIY cleaning activity can, of course, pay off, leaving you with a grill that is clear of grease and burned food that could have gotten trapped on the side burners or warming racks. However, at what cost? Your little spare time and a lot of scrubbing. As a result, our experienced BBQ and Oven cleaning company can be useful.

Our methods will revitalize your outdoor grilling

All removable objects are soaked in the heat tank holding our specialized solution in the back of the technician’s van, which is totally environmentally safe. Degrease and vacuum the cavity of the BBQ as well as both sides of the hood. The grill has been cleaned, and the fat absorber has been removed.

We Offer Tailored Services for All Brisbane Properties

Whether you own a freestanding BBQ on an acreage property in North Lakes or share a community grill at an inner-city apartment on Brisbane Street, Dirt2Tidy Brisbane can service you. Our technicians gear up fully to clean:

  • Portable units like small Weber braais
  • Intricate built-in BBQ systems
  • Commercial units in hotels and resorts
  • Community grills in apartment blocks, sports centers, caravan parks etc.
  • Roof-mounted rotisserie BBQs

You name it – we’ll clean it! Dirt2Tidy also provides dedicated services for pizza ovens, tandoors, and custom-designed smoker boxes in Brisbane backyards.

Cleaning Brisbane’s BBQs with Care 

With decades of experience servicing popular BBQ models from ever-changing Brisbane backyards, our expertise is unmatched. We stay updated on the latest equipment and trends to service new installations. Whether you recently purchased a top-of-the-line grill or have used your trusty companion for years, Dirt2Tidy BBQ Cleaning Brisbane knows exactly how to clean it.

We combine this knowledge with care and responsibility by using only eco-friendly, non-toxic solutions safe for families, pets, and the environment. Every cleaning also helps prolong your BBQ unit’s lifespan, saving you servicing and replacement costs.

Liven Up Your Entertainment Space Again!

Don’t let the prospect of scrubbing a greasy BBQ bring your leisure time to a halt. Dirt2Tidy Brisbane offers flexible single and regular cleaning packages for your convenience. Contact us online or call 07-3103-3002 for prompt customer service. Our technicians arrive fully equipped at your property and handle the hard work while you relax.

With Dirt2Tidy Brisbane’s thorough cleaning services, your BBQ will look showroom-ready again, just in time for your next sizzling Aussie barbecue tradition.
We Understand All Brisbane BBQ Models

Over 19+ years of serving Brisbane backyards, our technicians have handled all mainstream BBQ units as well as unique custom setups. We are experts in cleaning:

Gas BBQs

The most common variety found in Brisbane households, gas BBQs, use liquid petroleum or natural gas to produce the iconic sear marks. Models include basic single burner to more advanced infrared gas grills with rotisseries.

Charcoal BBQs

Traditional charcoal units are still cherished for their smoky barbecue flavour. We service all sizes and types – from small kettle braais to huge offset smokers.

Electric BBQs

Plug-n-play convenience makes electric BBQs growingly popular, especially in rental properties. We safely service the heating elements and interior compartments.

Pellet Grills

Pellet BBQs are the latest craze for set-and-forget barbecuing using compressed wood pellets. Our techsdetail the augers and interior to prevent pellet jams.

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Our eco-friendly cleaners provide Office and commercial BBQ Cleaning Brisbane. Book our cleaners online now!

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Unique Brisbane BBQ Cleaning Challenges We Handle

Brisbane’s humid subtropical climate allows year-round BBQing but also poses some unique cleaning headaches. These include:

Mould Growth

The damp weather encourages mould formation inside BBQ cabinets and lids left uncleaned. We safely remove it without harsh chemicals.

Spider Infestations

Spiders and small insects frequently inhabit untouched BBQ units outdoors. Our humane techniques fully eliminate such nests during cleaning.

Rust Accumulation

High humidity corrodes BBQ exteriors rapidly. From small spots to fully rusted lids and panels, our solutions make them rust-free and shiny again!

Stubborn Fat Build-Up

High ambient heat causes thicker layers of melted fat and grease to accumulate inside BBQs with continuous use. Our degreasing process removes the toughest buildup.

Dirt2Tidy Brisbane has specialized techniques and solutions for these specific cleaning challenges. Trust our decades of experience for sparkling results!

Ready to Book a Service

Our eco-friendly cleaners provide Office and commercial cleaning services in Brisbane. Book our cleaners online now!

Prolong Your BBQ’s Lifespan With Regular Care

The key to making your prized BBQ unit last for years is proper maintenance between uses. Here are some useful tips our technicians provide Brisbane customers after each cleaning service:

bbq cleaning

Clean Regularly

Don't wait for layers of grime to accumulate. Wipe down exterior surfaces and remove grease traps after each use. Schedule periodic deep cleaning services depending on usage.

Cover When Not In Use

Invest in a durable and waterproof BBQ cover customized for your unit's dimensions. This prevents exterior damage during Brisbane's rainy season.

Inspect Gas Fittings

Check valve connections, tubes and cylinders regularly in gas BBQs. Avoid leaks or blockages that can impact performance and safety.

Oil The Grates

Season cast iron cooking grates regularly to prevent rusting and stickiness. Use high-smoke point oils only.

Descale The Plates

Mineral deposits from Brisbane's hard water can clog tubes and plates. Descale interiors periodically to maintain heating efficiency.
Additional Services For Brisbane Homes and Businesses

Besides BBQ cleaning, Dirt2Tidy Brisbane also provides:

Oven Cleaning

We deep clean stubborn oil splatters and grime from single and double ovens using fume-free solutions.

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Our techs safely remove thick oily layers from commercial kitchen vents and rangehoods in hotels and restaurants.

Water Tank Cleaning

We send trained professionals to scrub the insides of concrete and metal water tanks.

So for sparkling clean cooking equipment from backyard BBQs to commercial kitchens, trust only Dirt2Tidy Brisbane!

Frequently Asked Questions

We clean all major types – gas, charcoal, electric, and pellet grills. Freestanding portable units, intricate built-in systems, commercial-grade hotels BBQs – we handle all sizes and models.

We only clean grills that are on the land of the client. We can’t clean them somewhere else.

Absolutely! We service public community BBQs in various complexes across Brisbane. Our techs arrive fully equipped to handle a thorough clean conveniently at your location.


Ideally every 2-3 months for homeowners during BBQ season. However commercial units require more frequent cleaning due to higher usage. Talk to our experts during a free quote visit about tailoring a cleaning schedule.

Yes, we are completely self-sufficient. Our vans carry all necessary gear – cleaning solutions, brushes, dismantling tools, protective equipment etc. No need to arrange anything.

For ease of Brisbane customers, we accept all major credit cards, PayPal, bank transfer or cash payments. Subscription-based regular cleaning plans can also be purchased.

Our franchise network allows us to service suburbs throughout the metro area including North Lakes, Logan City and Ipswich. Contact us to find technicians in your neighborhood.


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