Which service is included in the end of lease cleaning?

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An occupant is required to return the house in a clean and well-maintained state until the contract expires, according to the terms of the lease. This is referred to as end-of-tenancy sweeping. It is a systematic and precise cleaning of your rental house.

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It’s more than routine cleaning and once the property manager notices a scratch during the review, he won’t refund your whole rental bond. That is why it is a smart idea to leave a bond cleaning to the experts. They know how to remove stains and spruce up the property with the help of a detailed end of lease cleaning checklist.

For a licensed bond cleaning facility, however, there are certain inclusions and exclusions. Before calling any end of lease cleaning Brisbane you should be aware of the following

What would a thorough end-of-lease clean entail?

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Moving out of a rented apartment or house may be stressful. You must do everything patiently, from storing household possessions to cleaning the property until the end of a tenancy term.

If the walls or windows are filthy, you would not get a full refund of your bond money. This ensures that in order to receive the security deposit back from your property representative or landlord, you must return the property in the best possible state.

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As a result, you can contact a business that will provide reliable end of lease cleaning to high standards. Such businesses are outfitted with the most up-to-date cleaning equipment and adhere to a detailed end of lease cleaning checklist, leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that the property is well maintained and that the client is fully satisfied.

What are the benefits of hiring a Bond and End of Lease cleaner?


• A professional bond and end-of-lease cleaner would be effective, ensuring that the cleaning meets RTA requirements. The RTA page has more information about having your bond back. This eliminates the possibility of your bond not being returned.

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• Work that may normally take days or weeks will be completed in a matter of hours. They have all of the necessary equipment and materials that you may be missing.

• A bond back guarantee is offered by several Bond & End Of Lease cleaning firms. If the real estate agent is dissatisfied with the consistency of the cleaning, they will return to correct the issue. This means that the bond is returned to you

What is the price of an end-of-lease cleaning?

end of lease clean

An occupant is required to return the house in a clean and well-maintained state until the contract expires, according to the terms of the lease. This is referred to as end-of-tenancy sweeping. It is a systematic and precise cleaning of your rental house.

The cost of end of lease cleaning varies depending on a number of reasons, although the average cost in Australia is about $350.

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If it’s a studio flat, a 1-bedroom house or condo, or a 2-, 3-, or 4-bedroom house, it all depends on the form and scale of the property. It stands to reason that the bigger the property is, the more costly it would be to get an exit cleaning.

The amount of people appointed to clean your rented house or flat is another significant factor that can impact the expense. Depending on the scale of the work, one cleaner or a team of two or three people could be sent to complete the task, and also the price may vary if you choose eco-friendly.

If you want the carpets steam washed, for example, the price would go up since this is not usually included with the regular end-of-lease or spring cleaning service. You may add in an external window cleaning or a fridge/freezer cleaning for an additional fee.

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The price would be determined after you’ve specified all of the places that require cleaning and pest control, as well as any extra activities. Combining providers are often less expensive than scheduling them individually when it comes to lease cleaning service.

The state of the rented property is therefore quite critical. A well-kept home or apartment can take less time to clean thoroughly than one that requires a little more tender loving care or hasn’t been lived in for a while.

How should you choose a reputable Bond and End-of-Lease cleaner?

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Moving is exhausting enough; you don’t want to add to it by hiring a shoddy bond cleaner or business. We’ve included few essential reminders for you.

1. The first step is to ask about it among friends and on the internet. Make a list of a few suggestions and then do some analysis on them. Look at topics like Google star ratings to read what users had to say regarding their operation and customer satisfaction. This will aid in the narrowing of the options.

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2. Search for people who are well-qualified. You may want to search for certification from other businesses that have utilized them in the past.

3. Have a look at the rates and get some free quotes. Requesting quotations from three or four firms and comparing them is the easiest approach to do this. Be cautious of low-cost bond cleaning services. It’s possible that certain cleaning products aren’t covered by their services. You will want to have an email confirmation that includes a list of the items that are included from the lease cleaning company.

How long would it take to clean a bond?


Depending on the scale of the property and the amount of cleaners present, an end of lease cleaning session will last anywhere from 3 to 8 hours. It’s important to get the property ready and free of personal things and equipment especially when it comes to carpet cleaning and pest control.

The cleaning crew will transfer some light furniture to allow them to properly clean the spaces, but if you have any larger furniture, they are unlikely to want to move it. We suggest informing the business ahead of time if you need some large furniture to be transported since this would be factored into the price and the time it takes the cleaners to complete the work to the highest standards.

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Naturally, whether you have scheduled some other services, such as specialist carpet or upholstery cleaning, wall spot cleaning, or exterior window cleaning, the job would take longer.

The length of time it takes to complete the task depends on the number of people completing it. Often regular cleaning jobs need a squad of two to three professionals, however since the service can be fully customized, more cleaners can be sent if necessary to do the job more quickly.

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For eg, if the studio flat in Brisbane with one balcony is not in bad shape, a team of two professionals will clean it in 2-3 hours. A team of two or three cleaning professionals will spruce up a two-bedroom house in around four hours.

Is it essential to hire a skilled cleaner at the end of your tenancy?

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When it comes to cleaning the property at the end of the term, each agency or owner has its own specifications. However, landlords have a few responsibilities that must be considered under some circumstances.

The following are the most important cleaning duties for tenants:

• Steam washing of the carpets, rugs, and upholstery by a professional. Your landlord would almost definitely ask you to hire a specialist carpet cleaning service if you’ve got pets in the house.

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• Plan ahead to take care of it since soon as possible, as bond cleaning carpets may require time to dry after the washing. Again, whether you have fluffy pets in your rental home or flat, you could leave no sign of them as you leave. Consider employing a licensed pest control technician to avoid any issues with your landlord or rental agent.

• Follow the checklist to clean the house. It is usually given to you at the start of your contract. Professional cleaning crews often use industry-approved checklists, so if your landlords are somewhat different, be sure to let the cleaners know so they can take care of all.

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• Consult the Residential Tenancies Act to learn more about your privileges. Your landlord or agency would focus your arrangement on this Act, which spells out all of your privileges and obligations as a resident.

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